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  Teddy Ortiz and his family were vacationing in India, they were taking a tour through the jungle. They were in with a rather large group of tourists when Teddy got seperated from his family, but instead of panicking and calling out for his family, he decided to some exploring of his own.
 Teddy was walking along when he came upon a snake hanging off of a tree branch.
 "Whoa! A real live snake!"
 "Of course I'm a real live sssssnake! What other kind of sssssssnake would I be?" Kaa asked, moving his head and lower body around.
 "What's your name?" Teddy asked.
 "My name issss Kaa. What'sssss yourssss?"
 "My name is Teddy. I'm on a tour of the jungle with my parents. I got seperated from them, but they should be ok."
 "What about you? How long do you plan on ssstaying by yourssself?"
 "I'll probably stay here overnight, and meet up with my parents tomorrow."
 "But, how are you going to sssstay warm? It gets cold here at night."
 "Gee, I haven't thought about that. What do you suggest Kaa?"
 Kaa laid out the bait, and Teddy took it.
 "I have a ssssssuggestion, but I need you to trusssst me."
 "Ok, what's your suggestion?"
 "You can sssssspend the night in my sssstomach, and I'll let you out in the morning."
 "I'm not sure that's such a good idea. I'm going back to my parents now." Teddy said as Kaa dropped to the ground, singing a song that hypnotizes Teddy.
 🎵🎵 "Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes and trust in me
You can sleep safe and sound
Knowing I am around
Slip into silent slumber
Sail on a silver mist
Slowly and surely your senses
Will cease to resist.
Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes and trust in me."🎵🎵
 Teddys' eyes turned different colors as Kaa sung and lured him to his open mouth.
 Kaa unhinged his jaws and took in Teddys head, which-albeit too late-woke Teddy out of his stupor.
 Teddy screamed as he was slowly worked down Kaas' tight hot slimy throat, Kaa letting out a moan, his skin stretching as he slowly pulled Teddy into his stomach, another swallow and Kaa reached Teddys' kicking legs, but they were no match for Kaas' strong jaws kaa swallowed again and took Teddys' feet into his mouth, a couple of gulps later and Teddy was nothing more than a squirming bulge inside Kaas' stomach.
 "Kaa! Please let me out!" Teddy screamed as he pusehed against the skin of Kaas' stomach.
 "Oh don't worry Teddy. I'll let you out, after I digest you."
 His fate sealed, Teddy kicked and screamed and squirmed as Kaas' digestive juices and enzymes went to work on Teddys' skin. Teddy screamed in pain for hours as he watched his skin slowly fall off, the next thing he knew he could feel his eyes melting out of his head, he screamed in pain and terror until death took him, all the while Kaa was slithering along the ground humming "Trusy In Me." to himself, looking for a place to dispose of Teddy.
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Teddy Ortiz is vacationing in India with his parents. When he gets lost during a tour of the jungle he comes upon a snake named Kaa, and they engage in conversation. Kaa lays the bate, and Teddy takes it.

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