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Caden's Bus Ride: 2 (story) By JessicaRae -- Report

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This one is for  CadenGallic. ^_^


“Dang it.”

Caden the demi-fox sighed under his breath as he looked from his car to his gut. Yes, he would normally fit in his vehicle with just one prey shoved in his belly, but this time he had an entire party of humans stored in there. His middle was as big as the car. There was no way he was getting home in that. His fingers tapped on his belly full of protesting humans, considering his options. Walking home wasn’t happening. His house was much too far away. Maybe he could call for a cab to pick him up, but most cars would have the same problem of squeezing him inside.

He pouted thoughtfully, looking back at the house he just emptied. The fox didn’t even bother to turn off the loud music inside or close the door before leaving. After all, what was the point. The house was a wreck. Trash, clothes and turned-over furniture all about the place. The thought of sleeping in such a place didn’t seem appealing for Caden.

That was when the loud hum of a massive automobile in the distance was picked up on by the fox ears. The brown ears twitched as he glanced over in the direction it was coming from. At the street corner was a trolley-like bus with just a driver on-board with just one lady climbing inside. He smiled at his solution to his problems as he made his way briskly to the bus. Sure, a belly full of fidgeting humans made his walk look very bouncy, but the demi-fox was used to carrying so much weight on his middle…or on any part of his body. He’d just come back for his car tomorrow.

The driver looked out the door to Caden. The fox gave a smile oh-so kindly yet warily with a wave up at him. The driver had looked grouchy before, but he looked quite irritated as his narrow gaze went to that shifting stomach of the predators. With even the roar of the engine and the radio playing, Caden’s food could be heard muffling out shouts while his stomach gurgled.

“Well, wedge on in! This is my last round for the night,” the driver snapped as he forced himself to look away to the empty road ahead.

With that, the hefty lad stepped one foot inside. The bus immediately tipped in his direction, causing the driver to simply grip the steering wheel firmly while a squeak was sounded out from the back of the bus. The woman that had already boarded wasn’t ready for the shift, tumbling out of the seat. She blushed at making such an odd noise so loudly, hurrying to sit back in her seat as she looked to the front of the bus. “What the heck happ-?”

She stopped her questioning immediately as a stomach full of humans was pushed through the door.

Her blushing face went to pale, as her thoughts screamed, ‘You’re about to be on a bus with a predator?! Jess, ya can’t just sit here and ride with someone that might eat you! But then again, it might look rude to get up and leave as soon as he boards… At least, it looks like the pred’s full. I doubt he’d want to make room for me…Or more so I hope.’

Caden soon was fully on the trolley-bus, offering an apologetic smile to the driver as he walked down the aisle to the back. He didn’t even see Jess sitting there, simply settling down across from her with his belly spilling over her lap and even pressing in her chest. The bus rocked one more time with most of the weight baring down in the back, but the driver didn’t bother to suggest the predator sat in the middle to balance out the vehicle. He simply grumbled, “Just gotta do this last drive and then my shift is over.”

The demi-fox smiled as he sighed happily when the bus moved on down the road. He’d be home in about thirty minutes with a meal keeping him warm and full and happy as he’d fall asleep. It was tempting to sleep right then and there with the droning and constant automobile hums. He shut his eyes, leaning his head back against the window as his fluffy tail rested on the seat beside him, flicking lazily as he was lulled.


He jolted a bit at the quiet voice so clearly said. He had been listening to muffled people most of the evening, after all. He tried to look beyond his belly at the feminine speaker, but it was difficult to see her. He could barely see Jess’s brown hair and her blue jacket with the rest of her left a mystery. She struggled against that waist to scoot away from the weight upon her, but it was like having to fight a fleshy ball filled with blindly fighting humans inside…which was an accurate description of what has happening.

With a yelp, the woman managed to pull some of herself out from under the gurgling mass. Heavily breathing, she only managed to scoot herself at least to be able to be seen by the predator, but her legs were still pinned in place. She offered a nervous smile as she looked to his face. “Sorry. I don’t mean to disturb ya. You can go back to resting. I just wanted you to know I’m here so that ya don’t…squish me by accident.”

Her face had definitely gained color at seeing his expression shift from confused to a friendly smile. Well, it more so went to her normal skin color to cherry red, to be honest. However, Jess wasn’t about to admit why she was blushing so much at seeing his face connected to such a voracious belly spilling over her.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I was invited to a party. Well, catered for it. I run a café.”

“Oh? That sounds nice,” she retorted…uncertain why he brought that up.

“Yeah, I brought the pastries and I was told I’d be paid once I delivered, but…” Caden poked a finger into his belly, to which a muffled “ow” sounded out. “…The host didn’t pay. He offered to pay me by letting me enjoy whatever I wanted at the party. So he and his guests seemed about good enough payment for wasting five hours on pastries.”

Well, that made Jess feel a wee bit more comfortable around him and didn’t seem bothered to feel the occasional hand or knee press into her from his meal. Sure, it stank to be a guest at the thoughtless host’s party, but Jess could slightly see this predator’s line of reasoning. She managed to say softly yet nervously, “Sorry you had a rough night. I hope the, um…f-food made up for it.”

“No need to be sorry. And yep, this definitely feels nice.”

His hands stroked over the exposed skin of his belly in a soft caress. He watched the way his belly moved with a slight bounce from the natural rock of the bus as well as the random person pressing out to get some attention.

Jess’s eyes went wide as she watched those fingers move delicately over the stuffed gut. Her heart thumped loudly and rapidly in her chest as she felt like her head was overheating. There was a bit of jealousy as she watched those hands be able to sink into the tum as much as they wanted. Even with still live food, his belly looked so soft yet heavy with so much heat radiating off of it.

Caden continued his rubbing as he steadily lifted his gaze from the gut to Jess. Her big brown eyes were glued to that middle of his as her cheeks remained bright pink. It was obvious to the predator what was happening as his friendly nervousness slipped to a more teasing gluttonous mode. He grinned, tapping a finger to his teeth as he considered a moment stuffing her in there with them. However, it seemed more fun to taunt someone that clearly enjoyed seeing him so full.

“Would you like to touch it?”

His inquiry made her gaze promptly turn to his crafty expression. Jess sat there stiffly like a mouse uncertain of what to do caught in a voracious trap of a fox’s. It was difficult for her to form words as she ashamedly replied, “N-no thank you. Bellies aren’t my thing.”

He tilted his head a bit with a brow cocked still wearing a grin. ‘Crud,’ her thoughts grumbled. She quickly added on, “O-or anyone’s thing. O-obviously. That would be weird.”

“You sure? I mean, true, it is rare to find someone that likes a belly full of their own kind, but not impossible. After all, I can’t blame someone looking at this and thinking about how nice it would be to just relax against such a rumbling pillow like this,” he pats over his belly that let out a wet gurgle as the belly felt even softer against her thighs. Those legs of hers tensed, knowing his meal was digesting now as he spoke. The fidgeting protests lessened and any sounds from his meal was muffled by the sloshing and churning going on in there.

She couldn’t stop blushing even then with people being turned into belly soup…and then soon-to-be fat. A thought that made her let out a squeak rather when she tried to reply. Clearing her throat, Jess shook her head to try to not be lured into this ravenous seduction. “N-no. I know better than to fall for this.”

Looking him in his smug face, she continued with some anger now contributing to her redness. “I know your ways, fox. Try to convince me to pet your hot- I mean, your belly right before you gulp me down to pet your insides instead. N-no thank you. I don’t wanna be pudge on a predator.” Her darn thoughts were teasing back with, ‘Even though that would be hot.’

“I promise not to eat you…unless you want me to,” Caden said, his grin curving up more as Jess huffed. “I know you like it. And my food should feel nice and soft for you to even lean into it. You can massage it all you want.”

Jess silently looked to his belly after that offer. It did look lovely to touch despite being a threat to people like her. After all, that stomach just turned a bunched partiers into a sloshing stew. Was it wrong to pet such a thing? However, her curiosity was getting the better of her. With a shaky hand, her arm began to extend towards that stomach.

As soon as her tiny fingers pressed into the doughy flesh, a pleased shiver went from her neck down her spine. A content noise nearly escaped her throat, but she held back to keep some form of dignity as her hands sunk in more. Her hands nearly disappeared into the massive belly that molded around her hands with ease. It was as supple and plump and warm as she imagined! Those hands continued roaming over and digging into the slopping belly eagerly. Caden simply relaxed and happily watched the human enjoy herself.

However, neither realized how much time had passed. Soon the bus screeched to a halt as the driver broke their blissful moment.

“Last stop before heading back to the bus station!”

Jess yelped, jerking her hands away as she looked to the driver that glared back at the two passengers. Caden’s ears pinned down and back at the lovely massage stopping so suddenly as Jess’s ashamed mode kicked in. After all, it was odd even in a society of predators and preys to have some prey actually enjoy a predator’s ways. Jess fiddled with her hair, blushing as she looked away from Caden…However, one hand pat at his waist. “Um…th-thank you, mister, for not eating me.”

Those pats continued. The hand steadily shifted to kneading over that stomach of his. She looked back over at him with a wary smile.

Well, that did it!

Caden leaned forward, gripping her hand as he pulled her on top of his belly. She let out a mousey sound at being suddenly facing his chest as she lie on top of that belly like it was the most comfortable shelf in the world. He got up from his seat, making his way off the bus as he hugged her close to his jiggling middle. Jess simply allowed this to happen, blushing in confusion as the driver happily, in his grouchy manner, drove away.

Caden kept on gripping her close as he looked to his house not far from them. “How about I get some more people to come over for you to enjoy some more of my belly? Heck, I can let you enjoy them adding to any part of me you’d like. Y-you might like my rump being bigger, huh?”

Jess blinked in bewilderment, dumbly asking, “R-rump? Bigger?”

“Rump it is then,” Caden cheered. Off the fox went, carrying the human to his home.

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Posted by CadenGallic 2 months ago Report

GodDAMN he got hips for days!

[ Reply ]


Posted by JessicaRae 2 months ago Report

Something I'll be feeling on me for days, I'm betting. >//.//> Teasing fox! >//A//<

[ Reply ]


Posted by Thorstone 2 months ago Report

Hooo dang this (and the animation in part 1) is great! Always happy to see you do more Caden, especially at these sizes ;>

[ Reply ]


Posted by JessicaRae 2 months ago Report

lol I am happy to make 'em...I mean, that might be obvious to ya. >/////>

And thank you. >w<

[ Reply ]


Posted by Seblennon 2 months ago Report

Jess didn't end up eating this time ^^ that mean me and Steph can take her back ^^

[ Reply ]


Posted by JessicaRae 2 months ago Report

To be eaten by y'all?! >:V No thanks! DX

[ Reply ]


Posted by Seblennon 2 months ago Report

Come on ^^ We love you Jess ^^

[ Reply ]


Posted by DeerlyDigested 2 months ago Report

Does the story continue?

[ Reply ]


Posted by JessicaRae 1 month ago Report

Nope, but you can guess with the picture here how it does. >w>

[ Reply ]