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This is for  Lucid235. The story was written by  Thornstroke and then edited by me. Do enjoy! >w<

“And on tonight’s news. A group of local mountain climbers are still mysteriously missing and have been for the last 48 hours. Search parties have been looking for them by route 30 and the various spots around the mountains, with little to no avail. The all-female group of climbers were due to arrive in the town of Little Rock to receive their awards for climbing the mountain in record time, though since announcing their achievement, they have been silent. We’ll report in with more as this story progresses.”

The sound of rain knocks against the bus window, setting an ambience that matched the somber tone of the news announcement playing from Jessica’s phone. She had recently visited a few friends out of town that she’d met years prior on social media. “On other news, The Blue Sapphire Tigers have taken the gold in their latest game against the Blacktide Dragons after a stunning display of sportsma-”

She slides her thumb on the screen, dismissing the broadcast before leaning her head to the side of her chair and sighing. “Should have taken the plane. I’d be home and ready for Christmas with the Mom and Summer by now…” she blows her fringe hair outside of her view and glances across to the others gathered on the night bus.

There weren’t many of them. Just four girls including Jess and the driver who seemed to be the only guy around. One looked…or more so acted like a bimbo. She was a redhead chatting loudly on her phone, luckily the furthest one from the others, but closest to the driver. Poor guy must be going insane listening to that.

A little further down there was a blonde girl with freckles wearing a red lumberjack shirt and blue jeans, typing away on her computer. Jess couldn’t help but think she was like Scooby Doo’s Velma with how she would adjust her glasses.

Then with lightning blue hair and a set of neko over-ear headphones, you have the gamer girl. She’s mashing away at buttons on her Switch, otherwise just rocking a pastel-goth aesthetic with various bead bracelets and skulls all around her otherwise colorful pink and blue outfit.

Jess turned her eyes away and pondered for a moment. ‘Easy to make a girl feel like she’s boring when everyone else looks so different. I’m just… me.’ She reached down, pinching the sides of her muffin-top, tucked carefully beneath her green sweater.

‘I suppose I still have you two’ she thinks with a smirk, turning her eyes to either side before glancing down at her breasts. She couldn’t help but be proud at least of some of her curves even if she’d never admit it outloud. No need to be prideful over something you’re blessed with. She smiles away and then tilts her head once more down the bus as it starts to come to a stop.

The driver turns to the door and looks outside, seemingly for a while before eventually, after what seemed like a whole minute passes, he raises his hand up to beckon the passenger on board. Almost as if he’d called it onto the bus himself, a gust of air flows inside. The breeze shooting all of the ladies’ hair back before coming to a halt.

A hand reaches up for a nearby rail, a male voice following it as a tall, fiendishly handsome man appears in sight sporting long red hair cascading over his blackened hoodie. “Hell of a storm blowing out there, huh?” He flashes a smile, tucking his head to get inside, slowly shimming down the bus before planting himself down and for the briefest moment, Jess thought she felt the entire bus shake.

‘I’ve never seen anyone that tall before…’ A thought that crossed Jess’ mind and likely had for the other girls too, as all of them watched as he made his way on board, though their gaze lingered only for so long before they returned to their distractions. All save for Jess who looked on. She was attempting to keep an eye on the man as he sat there smiling, simply leaning back. He folds one leg over the other as he watched the various street lamps pass by, seemingly raising his hand up as if to catch the lights with that same smile on his face.

Jess slightly grimaced at his odd behavior. ‘He’s got to be high or something,’ she figured. She still was looking on. Jess was attempting to keep her watching hidden, only for the crimson-haired stranger’s eyes to peer into her own. His smile broadens to flash his teeth her way, though Jess quickly and coyly averted her eyes to look outside of the window. She was doing her utmost to pretend that she wasn’t looking at the man.

“So… ladies. Did any of you hear about those disappearances that went down near here,” He asks, breaking the silence.

The girls provide him with brief glances here and there, though none actually reply. The redhead actively rolling her eyes and tucking her phone deeper into her shoulder, audibly heard mentioning “- some weirdo on the bus -” to whoever had the misfortune of being on the other end of their conversation.

He slaps a palm on his gut, a seemingly flat surface or likely sculpted one, given the sheer size of the man.

“I’m a big guy but that sort of thing leaves even me feeling worried, you know?”

Silence follows for the briefest of moments following his words. ‘He’s acting weird, but he can’t be all that bad. I mean, he seems concerned about the lost climbers. It would bee rude to just leave him hanging like this,’ Jess thought.

Her soft, gentle voice spoke up, like a mouse finding its squeak for the very first time. “Yeah. It’s kinda scary. I hope they’re doing okay wherever they are.”

He turns his gaze to Jess. He had such a fierce look behind those eyes of his. At least his voice was soothing, even gentle, as he spoke, “I like to think that if I’ve given them my good vibes, they’ll be closer to me. Right here, you know?.”

He then proceeds to point to his heart, making Jess smile at him being so sweet. Although the finger promptly draws a line down across his stomach, before he trails it off in front of himself. That…made Jess shift a bit nervously in her seat. He really was odd.

“Say… you look tired…” His eyes illuminate in a flash of black and yellow as he speaks those words, only to instantly switch back to normal.

Jess brings her hands to rub away at her own eyes, struggling to process what she thought she had seen. His eyes were once more white eyes with dark pupils, yet she could have sworn she saw something else entirely.

“Hmm? Tired? Me,” She asks, raising her hand to her lips as she breaks a yawn against it. “Oh, sorry. I suppose a little… We have been-.”She yawns once more, shaking head side to side. “Sorry I… don’t mean to be rude. We’ve been… driving for a while now and… and it has been a really, really long tri-”

Her head became heavy. Almost like her brain was filled with sand as she rests her chin on her shoulder and her sleepy eyes come to a close. It was the sort of sleep that hits you when you’re desperately trying to stay awake to wait for a text at night.

In her dreamy state, the sound of the bus’s heavy tires running over the gravelly road fade and Jess wakes. Or it felt like she woke up. The new location seemed so surreal. She finds herself surrounded by golden walls with long red banners flowing down them, each one trimmed with a jagged, sharp edge to them. It looked like something straight out of an evil overlord’s dungeon or similar.

She walked further down the corridor of this golden palace, each footstep creating a little shockwave of sound that resonated outwards as her heel connected to the ground, drawing her eyes towards it.

“Where am I? What is this place?” She looked closer at the walls to notice doors on either side of the corridor and as her senses began to sharpen, she heard a noise. The sound of struggling. A woman struggling.

She cautiously treads closer, again, each step moving across the enchanted floor like the last, the voice of struggles growing louder and more desperate. “Please! I don’t want to go in there,” shouted a lady.

“Oh, you’re just saying that~ Come now…”

It was his voice! The man from the bus! He was there with whomever was in trouble.

Jess quickened her pace, making her way closer to the door that the sound came behind, and soon enough she was stood right outside of it, her hand pressed against it, listening on…

“Mortal Morsels like you are made for this. You, Shelly, used to brag quite a great deal about being able to snag ‘a great big man’ that it never once occurred to you that you’d be taken by one yourself.” There was a sinister note to his words that made Jess want to get in there fast. Determined to act, Jess held her shoulder against the door. Bracing herself to barge it right open. She didn’t even know what she’d do, but she knew she had to act fast.

“One…Two…Thre-!” But as she pushed, the door simply faded away, shimmering into dust. And then she saw him.

It was him. Though he looked… different. He seemed taller still than even before and his skin had shifted in places to an ashen gray with dark almost tribalistic markings up and down his forearms. The markings looked similar to the runes on the red banners. He was sat on the end of a red and golden bed, big enough for him to rest upon. His tongue lolled out to the side of his lips as he moaned out in audible delight, making Jess wince and step back with a blush. His hand rested and patted over something pressed against his abs. The man chuckled, “Oh. It’s you. Don’t mind us. We were just having a little bit of fun… Fun I have you to thank for, actually.”

Blinking away in shock, Jess was finally able to divert her attention to his eyes. It was the same black and gold look from before! And a single black horn protruding from his head. He flashes a smirk and moves his hand, revealing what was concealed behind it. The redhead from the bus, though doll sized and held tightly against his growling stomach.

“Took you a while to notice did it, mortal? Were we a pinch distracted… hmmm?” A question asked as his tongue slid over his teeth slowly as he continued his devious laugh. Jess’s heart fluttered, not wishing to admit that this predatory dominating way about him did appeal to a basic nature of hers. He continued smugly, “You know, it’s very rare to meet someone like you. Someone with all these wonderful ideas in their head. Ideas that I can very much get behind~.”

“HELP ME!!!” The redhead screams out as he brings his finger in front of her lips, silencing her with a hush. However, soon the whole hand wrings around her as he lifts her up to his mouth. The lady lets out a muffled squeal, seeing a wet tongue stick out of a wide ajar maw.

“Y-you can’t ea-” Jess squeaks, stepping closer as he cuts her off with a laugh.

“-Eat her? Hah! That’s rich coming from you, mortal. No, I think she’s mine to keep… and I think that on some level, you like that.” Before Jess could interject, he slurps the redhead by the feet. In an eager suck, he pulled her pleading self into his maw and then throat in one mighty gulp. Jess watches horrified as the bulge as his neck sank to his chest and then after a while bulges out his abdomen even if slightly.

He glances to a clock on the nearby wall, smiling away to himself. “Time’s up though. You better make sure you don’t miss your stop.”

And with those words, his eyes flashed once more. It was much as they had before, though this time in reverse. From gold to black.

Jess snaps awake, her head rising from a drool patch on her shoulder. She was back on the bus. So…that was all a dream?

Everyone was there except for one. The redhead girl was gone, though both the nerd and the gamer girl were still present. She warily looks to the tall man, though he was lounging back casually. Jess knows she needs to calm down. It was just a dream after all.

“Where did she go?” Jess asks, calling out down the bus. The other girls look on and then to one another, seemingly confused. Neither replies.

The tall man tilts his head her way and gestures with his foot towards the bus exit. “She got off a few minutes ago. Said something to her friend about looking forward to snagging a great big man,” a point punctuated with a smirk on his face, before he leans back in his place once more. She recalled the dream that she had. What happened to the girl in said dream and his choice of words? Was she going insane? She’d had plenty of voracious dreams about guys she fancied before, but that… that was too specific.

“What stop are you getting off at?” He asks, turning his head to Jess once more. “Hah, sorry… that sounds like a creepy question coming from a guy you don’t know. I’m getting off at Central. It’s nighttime. Just want to make sure you get where you’re supposed to go, you know?”

He didn’t seem half as devious as his dream counterpart. Yeah, he was confident, a little cocky even and certainly weird, but not… evil? Maybe it was all just in her head after all. “I’m getting off at Central too.”

He flashes a smile her way, leaning back. Though she felt guilty for looking, she couldn’t help but notice that his lips, teeth and even his tongue made her…blush. She only saw all three for a moment and it made her cheeks so red. She gulps, diverting her eyes away so as not to be seen perving.

“Maybe we can get off together, huh?” He quips, joking away. Jess visibly frowned that time, not appreciating a man using such a crude joke around a stranger. “Though you look tired. I’ll wake you up when we get there.”

His eyes flash once more and then his two faces seem to blend into one before her very eyes. The one from her dream and the one sitting with her on the bus. She can feel her head getting heavy once more. She winced, trying to stop herself from sleeping again, “No-no it’s fine I-I can… I-can get there my… self-”

And then resist as she might, Jess’s heavy head once more slipped into the drool-kissed shoulder and she was out cold.

Upon opening her eyes, Jess’ stomach hit her with an immediate pang of danger. The world around her rushing past as she appeared to be falling down a gigantic corridor of flesh, pulsing and flexing with motion, slick and wet at its surfaces. She screams, but the voice simply bounces off them and disappears into the darkness ahead of her. Spinning, twirling, flowing midair, she eventually lands with a heavy thump that made her bounce off and then shortly land on the “ground” again. The “ground” was soft, bouncy and strangest of all, silky.

“What the heck is happening to me,” she asks herself with a groan. She rises and glances around at her surroundings. They were similar to those from the golden room before-. No. It was the golden room from before. Though everything was gigantic by comparison! The banners were huge. The door she walked through before was huge and the bed…it was only when she considered the bed that she realized she was standing upon it. She was shrunken down to the same size as the girl she saw in her last dream!

“Well, well. Look at what your perverse little mind has conjured up. You just keep the surprises coming, don’t you?”

It was his voice speaking to her from behind, accompanied by another set of far more feminine voices crying out in muffled tones. She turns on her heels, almost falling down against the giant covers, only to spot him there exposed in a manner she truly wasn’t ready for.

There he was, spread on all fours, his massive frame covering the bed, his gut now gigantic and descending onto the bed with one hand clutching onto the gold bedrest. He brings a finger towards his lips, smirking with that devilish smile, only for his eyes to suddenly go wide and a loud, ruinous belch to follow…


Landing shortly afterwards in front of Jess, slick with saliva and spluttered in spit, the cat earphones from the gamer girl before. “Oh, I’m sorry. You were out longer than you thought you were… But don’t worry, you can still say hi to them if you like?”

He moved to pull up his shirt even further than he had before, exposing his gut towards her as a set of hands formed, along with the horrified imprint of a face. It as if they were desperately trying to escape through the bars of a jail cell they were forever condemned to. “I’m not sure if you were close or not… either way, you won’t be seeing them anymore.” He slaps a meaty palm onto that gut, dismissing the face to instead be brief little glimpses of the odd elbow, foot or fist fighting against inevitable doom.

“Anyways, you’ve been dreaming a while now. Don’t you think it’s time you woke up and got away from your lewd thoughts. After all… you’d never have them in the real world, would you, mortal?” His hand came down, plucking Jess by the ankle. She let out a yelp while he’s bringing her up in front of his face. Once more, his eyes flash the same as they had before.

In an instant, Jess’ world had transformed once more. Jess awoke with her head surging upwards from her shoulder. The bus had come to a slow ride. She looked down, the others were missing. None of the girls who had been on previously were there now. Only the driver sitting there silently.

“Must have been a fun dream.”

Jess hears his voice and shoots her eyes forward to the opposite seat where she sat and there he was. But instead of looking normal he looked exactly like he did in her dream! A single black horn, those terrible dark eyes and his gut, squirming and shifting before her very eyes.

“Wh-wha-what!? You’re not real! I’m still dreaming, I-I have to still be dreaming, surely!?”

He lets out a chortle of a laugh and then shakes his head side to side with that same devilish smile. “Oh, you were. But you’ve all made me more than strong enough to bring my powers onto this side of the planes now. I’ve got a date with a succubus that’s been going around and taking what’s mine. You delicious, delightful dishes are going to give me the power I need to kick her out of my territory… I mean, I could probably do it right now…”

Jess glances to the bus driver. Surely, he had to be seeing this? Perhaps he could help? Jess knew she had zero chance of fighting him off. Physically, he could overpower her like a cat might a mouse and he had freaking magic! What chance did she stand alone? “Y-you can’t eat us… it’s not fair…”

Sitting back in his chair, the bus groans audibly under his weight. His hand stroking in circles across that heavy, barely active gut of his. He uses one of his fingers to pick away at his teeth, inspecting it moments afterwards with a glance and a flick. “Do you think the chicken has a chance to complain that life isn’t fair before it becomes a nugget? Face it, mortal… you’re just another Happy Meal to me.”

He slaps his gut with another hearty chortle, his voice echoing with a diabolic tone. That gigantic bulge of a belly begins to grow smaller and smaller and smaller still, until eventually returning to the flat state it was in before.

“Huh. Would you look at that? Looks like it’s time to eat again.”

He runs his tongue across his lips and lunges forward with his hands, either one of them slamming on the back of the bus either side of Jess’ head. She stiffened with a jolt, staring ahead at that grinning face that once made her blush but now it brought dread. “Looks like you finally get your wish granted, mortal. You get to live out your fantasy of becoming food.”

She screams, ducking down. Leaping to the floor, her head shoots up as she calls out to the driver! “MISTER! HELP ME! HE’S TRYING TO EAT ME!”

His hand grasps her ankle. She’s tries to pull her ankle away, but its secure in his grasp. She turns back, spotting him there on the ground with her, grinning away like the villain he is. “Oh, keep squirming! It’s rare that I get to chase someone in the mortal plane!” He brings her leg up to his lips, his tongue extending, stroking against her ankle and pulling her tights upwards as he removes her shoes and socks from her feet.

“PLEASE! I’M SERIOUS! YOU’VE GOT TO LISTEN TO ME!” But the driver just sits there, staring outwards, looking down the road ahead of him, completely immobile except for moving the steering wheel. Was he even hearing her? Was he even alive?

She feels her foot going wet. She looks back once again. He has her! One foot in his mouth, gaping wide like a snake’s. His voice felt vibrating against her as he forces the other one to his mouth, even against her squirming protest as he lets out a delighted hum. He was just too strong! She groans and growls, trying to kick him, but unable to move as she feels his powerful throat clutching onto her, constricting around her and… pulling her in! His gullet was actually able to tug and pull her into his body!

“NO!!! Nooo-noooo-noooOOoooOOO!!! I’m not food for some stinking Sandman freak!!!” She shoots her hands forward, desperately trying to cling onto the feet of the other bus seats, trying to hold on. However, she can feel him, pulling, tugging, actively swallowing, laughing around her like some gluttonous slug that was voraciously devouring her alive! She remembers looking at him and finding him so attractive, only now realizing that she might as well have been looking at her very own doom!

She can feel him now around her hips, his tongue curling all around her body, soaking in her flavors while slathering every inch of her. His powerful hands grab the fabric around her, steadily working to tear it straight off her body, piece by piece. Her leggings came out soaked, her top torn and her jacket long gone, now draped in front of her as she feels her stomach moving past his teeth now, his mocking chuckle vibrating across her entire lower half now.

He pushes both hands to the ground in front of her and pushes himself and her upwards. From prowling on all fours, upright onto his knees now, with Jess ascending upwards with him. “Wh-whoa!” Her grip on the bottom of the bus may be gone, but her reflexes and desire to survive brings her hands to clamp onto the ceiling bar. Her fingers clamping tight, refusing to let go! “I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON ME, YOU…YOU BUTTHOLE!!!”

Her hips were wriggling in his throat, she could feel her feet starting to enter the various slimy sphincters inside his body, curling as they hit a central chamber. She was in his stomach! Not all of her, but enough to send her into a wild panic! Rising to his feet fully now, he brought his hands up either side of hers, clutched them there and just kept swallowing. Every pull, every tug, as fiercely strong as the last and she was losing. She was going to become his food. It was just a matter of time.

Though as much fun as he seemed to be having, with the slow tempo of his muffled laugh ever present, that snake-like jaw enveloping around Jess’ bountiful boobs slurps them past his lips with one slick ‘sllllrrppppop!’ Another slurp down to her neck with only her arms either side of his mouth. “Nooo!! Stop eating me!!! I’m not food!!! I’m not food!!!”

His hands come either side of her wrists and with the barest, most carefree of motions he pries her hands loose from the ceiling bar. Jess’ eyes open wide with shock and horror as she looks to the mirror around before ‘Gllllkkk~’ He forces a swallow and the muscles around her body wrap entirely and drag her down past the fleshy, saliva slicked walls, disappearing into the darkness as she watches the walls close before her very eyes.

“GET ME OUT!!!!!” She screamed as she descends deeper and deeper inside his body. He had done it. From the moment he saw her and the others, he had one thing on his mind and he managed to do it. He’d eaten her alive. Curling into his gut, she kicks, she bashes, she thrashes, she yells, but nothing Jess can do is able to make a dent or so much as shake him off his swagger. On the outside, he strokes a hand across his once more, bulged out, squirming gut. He’s laughing away to himself.

He glances to the driver, who finally turns towards him. The driver had finally stopped driving and was at the stop, glaring back at the predator. “Oh, I almost forgot about you. Same time next week? Be sure to grab a similar selection.”

The driver shrugged, opening the exit. “I can’t guarantee that. Just keep on paying me to do this kinda stuff.”

The tall man turns to his belly, grinning away with devilish delight, all whilst making his way outside of the bus. Finally, he was able to actually stretch his legs and stand at full height now. “Mmm~ They were absolutely divine. Let’s see if they did the trick.”

Licking his lips, he pushes his hand against the bus, lifting it off the ground with the barest of effort. “Hmmm~ I’d say so.”

The driver grips the steering wheel tightly before shouting, “Hey! Watch it!”

Ignoring the driver, the pred just teased with a glance down at his gut, “Well, morsel, don’t worry too much about being in there. You’ll be with me for a while. No sense using your energy up too quickly. Time for me to take care of that upstart who thinks she can eat food off my plate!”

And with that, the pair made their way into the small town at Central, one more willingly than the other in the duo. Jess sloshed about inside that gut for what seemed like hours, passing out here and there as the walls compressed and squeezed around her periodically. Her final thoughts before passing out?

Was any of this even real?

Would she wake up again?

Or was she destined to digest in this jerk?

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Posted by Hariken 2 months ago Report

haven't seen him in so long, i'm glad he's okay!

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Lucid or Chip? >.>

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Oh...Well, he might appear in your dream now...sadly for some of us. O//n//o

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w-wait what?!

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He goes in dreams. >w>

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Lovely, lovely work Jess. ♥

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Thank you kindly~ >w<

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