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Adrea 42 By OsmiumOrchid -- Report

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Not sure what this is? Here's a post explaining the series!:
Sorry for the extra long wait on this one, the holidays really interrupted my schedule! Based on most of the suggestions, we played it safe and stopped in Granval for the night, somewhat to Lenora's chagrin.

But, a stroke of luck has us back on the road again, soon to arrive at our destination! There's not exactly a clear decision to be made here, it was really more a case of this chapter starting to get pretty long already without a definite end point in sight combined with how long it's been since the last one was posted. Still, I think it's a good time to check in with everyone on where we're headed and set our trajectory for this hunt!

Any suggestions for how we should tackle the toad problem and/or what we should do when we arrive at the farm? Fully defer to Lenora's judgement, or form some plans of our own? Maybe we take issue with Lenora getting hopes up with the unlikely seeming idea that a farmhand that was eaten days ago could still be rescued? Any thoughts you have on the upcoming excursion!

Also, no need to necessarily comment on this now, but to keep you informed on my thoughts(and somewhat to recap since it's been a while): Currently, we're doing this job with Lenora so that she'll give Miram some basic combat training, and just before leaving we officially joined the mage guild as an apprentice. Assuming all goes well, I'm thinking we're headed towards a decently long timeskip! Once we've got Miram set up with training and have directly experienced some training or an official job from the mage guild at least once, the option will at least be on the table to "stay the course" so to speak and just let a few weeks or even months pass as we carry on training/scraping by on guild jobs.

You can find Adrea’s character sheet here!:

Remember, you can ask any questions about the world (that are relevant to the current chapter) if you think you want/need more information about something! I'll do a 'live' intelligence check before answering if it's something Adrea might know.

| CLOSED - There's either a more recent entry available to read or I've already outlined the next chapter! |

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Posted by Persona59523 2 weeks ago Report

It's a shame that we don't any kind of paint or non-see through liquid to mark surrounding areas, cause I've recently seen a trick where you put down puddles of paint that you expect the prey to step in, and thus start leaving behind a trail. That while, we can hopefully find the toad when it start moving. But as for finding the toad in the moment, I remember that the toads buries themselves into the ground to rest during the day, or something similar. So I would basically do a quick runaround of the farm to take note of all the small hills and double check each one. Hopefully with Lara's help, we can find the outlier and get a surprise attack on the toad. And since it's being attacked while sleeping, I hope the toad suffers some kind of plenty for not getting a full long rest.


Posted by Alphabetacappa 12 days ago Report

Maybe if Adrea started a fire, collected some ash and water, then tied up some live bait and surrounded it with ashy mud the toad would leave an ash trail? An ambush sounds like a great idea.


Posted by VigorousJazzHands 2 weeks ago Report

While I think we should be open to any suggestions from Lenora, I think a good place to start would be investigating either the area where the toad was last spotted (though it appears they may not have ever actually seen it directly) or the last known location of their farmhand Lucy. Hopefully we'll find some tracks either pointing us towards where it might be sleeping or at least confirming it is in fact the creature we think it is. From there setting some kind of trap or ambush seems like the best approach.

Am I right in thinking that based on our limited knowledge about Lopland Toads, Lenora's theory that Lucy could still be alive does sound plausible? If so I don't see any reason to take issue with what she said, but if not I think it might be worth saying something about not getting the farmers' hopes up.

Regarding the tiny amount of training Miriam has already received from Lenora, am I right in thinking that wouldn't make a difference in the upcoming fight against the toad? Is Miriam at a point where she would be helpful in the fight, or would she be more of a liability? If it's the former I think we should ask her if she wants to help, and let her if she does, otherwise we should try to talk her out of it since we don't want to put her in any unnecessary danger.

I think a time skip isn't a bad idea at all! Assuming all goes well on this job, jumping forward a month or two and having Miriam properly trained as well as Adrea gain some experience/additional spells from the mages guild would be great.


Posted by OsmiumOrchid 13 days ago Report

Lenora's claim that the toads have very weak/slow digestion does line up with what we know about their eating habits--gorging themselves on a ton of food then sleeping for literally months at a time before needing to eat again--so yes, as far as we know it isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility that she's right about a rescue being possible.

As far as Miram: Yeah, she hasn't even actually shot an arrow with her bow once yet so she's definitely not at a point where she could be reliably expected to help in a fight.


Posted by ProtocolARC 13 days ago Report

Recon the area, our supposed opponent is and animal, incapable of strategy, and we can use that to our advantage with trap/ambush tactics. We should also talk to a few people on the farm to get a clearer picture on if we're truly up against Lopland toads . I think we can mostly trust Lenora's judgement, but, we need to keep in mind she can be a bit of a show-off. Try not to induldge her if a plan seems REALLY risky.

As for Miram, I think she could benefit from watching the fight from a safe distance, preferably far outside the range of a sticky frog tongue. Maybe let her hold onto a fire bomb just in case? Don't need to be too skilled to throw something.

I'm in favor of a timeskip, I'm excited to have Miram be offensively capable. I have a question regarding that. After her training, will we be leveling up Miram's stats and attributes in the same way we level Adrea?


Posted by OsmiumOrchid 12 days ago Report

Miram can gain levels, but I don't think I'll have you guys choose what her stat and attribute gains will be when she does like you get to with Adrea


Posted by Alphabetacappa 12 days ago Report

I think we should privately talk to Lenora about putting the group at risk. If it hadn't been for Adrea, Miram and Joan could have been in serious trouble when Lenora went for that bandit. Lenora might be able to handle a lot but everyone else can't help themselves. Adrea pretty heavily exhausted herself defending the party while Lenora was incapacitated. It would be reassuring to know that Miram has a good trainer to defend her too.

We should still be receptive and flattering towards Lenora since that angle clearly works with her. If her ideas aren't too reckless then we should be good. We should be cautious about giving her sensitive roles due to her unpredictability though.

A daytime ambush on the toad seems like the best idea. Using live animal bait to track it sounds like a good way to find its nest. Muddy ash might help tracking as well. If any of the locals know its stomping grounds then that would help narrow the search.


Posted by Deska 9 days ago Report

Float the idea in transit of using one of us as bait around where Lucy was supposedly eaten by the toad, specifically about using Lenore as bait.

Mention how she is the most familiar with toad biology, and someone of her martial prowess might have the means of fighting from inside, as well as possibly rescuing Lucy. Especially if she can prepare ahead of time fight in an enclosed space.

Perhaps in tandem with magic/trap to keep the toad from escaping well we fight.

Regardless seems like we need to fight quicker rather then later to hope to save Lucy.