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Claudia opened the metal cage door and she coaxed her huge reptilian friend out telling him it was dinner time. The twenty six foot African python she affectionally called ‘snakey’ opened his pink mouth as if to say hello and tasted the sweet air, the young Brazilian woman’s perfume infused with the scent of her body. He also detected other organisms nearby the smell of its typical prey, that humans called a rabbit, more distant was the smell of a dead pig which Claudia had ready to feed her pet. Also something exotic, at least to the snake, appeared, something he had never smelled before. It was coming from a large black rectangular container. Snakey slithered over to it and smelled the strong aroma coming from the thick brown liquid and then stared at Claudia with a questioning look. She momentarily had not seen his interest, and was fiddling with tripod and camera which was set up opposite.
‘How did he say it works… is this the on button… that takes pictures..
’ She almost tripped over the large bulk of her pet and balanced herself. Claudia was wearing dark rabbit ears, and well nothing else apart from a white rabbit’s bump, and black heels.
‘Heh snakey, watch out, you’ll be fed in a minute… I’ve got a prime pig’s rump for you… well the pig is mostly rump… not sure if all the fat is good for you.’
Snakey was instead staring at the glistening gold butt of Claudia shining with the reflected lights from the windows. The large posterior shifted its weight before his hungry eyes, the snake licked it slightly with his forked tongue and registering the consistency of the soft fat deposits. Claudia didn’t notice as she set up the equipment.
‘Ok its running…’ she said her boyfriends’ name beginning the video ‘happy birthday… its your birthday and its little snakey’s here.’
Her boyfriend always shook his head when she referred to their serpent as little, the snake was massive and a struggle to feed and look after due to its increasingly size and desire to consume more food but Claudia loved the snake too much, and was always willing to give it whatever it desired. She took a perverse fascination in watching her pet coil and consume its helpless prey, enjoying it because snakey was ‘happy’, her boyfriend did not enjoy so much but he loved Claudia, and well her snake and her were inseparable.
‘Now … I thought I’d put on a little show for you and snakey here since you love us so much.. and we love you.. don’t we snakey?’ She gently tapped the python on its head as it came over to examine the camera. She spanked her huge ass and smirked knowing her boyfriend would enjoy it.
‘What do you both want to see.. I know what snakey wants… he’s hungry’ Claudia continued to tease the snake but to him she was just a naked woman, who was acting like most humans he knew in intelligible and frankly mysterious ways. His eyes were instead upon the white bunny he held in her hands.
‘Which bunny does he want… the little cute rabbit…’ she said rabbit in a cute, rabbit like way. ‘or the one with a lovely rabbit rump.’
 She grabbed her cheek and made it look even bigger to the camera, and bit her lip. ‘I know which one I’d like to eat… but I can’t bite myself.’ She giggled.
The serpent ignored her prattling, and strange utterances that made her sound more like an animal. He tried to wrap himself around her arm to drag her hand down… he was so close to the fearful rabbit. She noticed, and held her hands aloft saving the rabbit. She quickly placed the rabbit inside the snake cage and shut the door.
She turned to the camera… ‘you disappoint me … snakey.. you’d rather eat the rabbit instead of me?’ She looked innocent and coy at the snake. Snakey lay on the ground looking up at Claudia, and waited with anticipation, and Claudia pretended that the snake was taking her word seriously, but how could it be… it was just her docile and obedient pet snake. The snake always did what she commanded. ‘I have a gift for both of you, and snakey… ‘
Claudia moved over to the container and put her hand into it, brown sticky liquid coated her hand, which she tasted licking her lips. It was her favourite food chocolate; if she could have she would have added it to all her meals, but even the best things sometimes are disgusting when added together… but in some unique cases they are ambrosia. The woman almost forgot she was filming herself, and the snake tried to taste the liquid but Claudia laughed and pushed the reptile away. The thick sauce coated a section of the snake’s body, and it slithered away to watch. Wet brown sludge coated the wooded floorboards of the woman’s home.
‘Wait your turn boy… the best things come to those who wait… and particularly things covered in chocolate and … what’s your favourite thing?’ She said to her boyfriend… knowing he would watch this hours later. ‘Do you need to guess…’ she looked down… and smiled and with no words crouched with her heels in the chocolate and lowed her ass into the container. The container was filled with the hot and slippery sauce, and she didn’t even need to use her hands to cover her thick buttocks with the equally gluttonous gloop. She gave a little gasp, and erotic moan as she felt the spicy dessert mixture glaze her delicious buns. Claudia not doing it for her boyfriend but for herself using her fingers took some of her bottom choc and greedly devoured it. She didn’t need to say anything, for her look showed that the chocolate and herself tasted divine, if Claudia could have eaten herself… she would have, but she couldn’t forget that she had an audience.. She reapplied dark liquid, covering up the handprint she had made upon her right buttock.
She put her messy hands on her wide hips and smiled at her snake
 ‘I’ve been a naughty girl… bunny girl… enjoying myself and forgetting that you are so.. so hungry. I know you’d … ‘ she looked at her camera again and winked ‘would like to eat my dirty ass…since I’m such a dirty girl, but even you couldn’t eat me ass first…but let’s try something else…’
Claudia expertly kicked off her spoiled high heels, splattering chocolate everywhere, she stepped again like a kid into the container and enjoyed the sensation of the chocolate around her toes. She laid down horizional and playfully wiggled her toes infront of the snake and as if she was making a wish to a genie she said simply ‘eat me… eat snakey… all of me.’
The African python was confused at first, he opened his mouth wide only a few centimetres from Claudia’s toes. The chocolate was overpowering but then he remembered. He remembered how she playfully for her boyfriend’s enjoyment placed her bare feet bound together into his mouth and made him swallow her to her ankles. Claudia always felt like it was wrong, and strange… but it wasn’t her will that made her give up, but her boyfriend. Her boyfriend forbade her to go further and always forced the snake to cough up her feet, but she always wondered what it would be like to go further… it wasn’t that bad the sensation since it usually wore off. He would laugh but he was always concerned… warning her ‘curiosity killed the cat…’ but she never really listened, since her gorgeous brown eyes matching the colour of her curls were drawn like a form of hypnosis to the dark abyss of the serpent’s mouth…
Snakey yawned and swallowed Claudia’s feet as she giggled and continued to smile at the camera. She was kind of almost that from her position she couldn’t lick the chocolate but she took a fist full of the liquid and sucked it from her fingers suggestively. She laughed not noticing her snake devour her quickly to her lower legs.
‘Damn… that was fast work snakey… now… how far did I intend you to go?’
She shifted herself a bit and wiggled her fat ass on the cold bare floor, Claudia thought to herself it would be warmer for her behind to be covered in snake skin and muscle. She could always push herself out or command her pet to stop. She stretched as if she was doing her exercises and eased her lower legs, pushing her feet further down into the oesophagus. The sticky wet gullet welcomes her lower legs and feet, the chocolate sauce just adding to the serpent’s natural lubrication and helping her slide further down. The feeling was amazing and Claudia felt helpless and extraordinary close to her snake friend as she slid into the darkness.
‘Remember …’ she said a little bit shocked at how fast her pet was consuming her legs ‘Remember I’ve got you a special treat of a pig’ she said this for the camera too ‘now… I think you might struggle with your next obstacle.’
Her wide creamy brown buttocks squished and squashed against the wooden floorboards. Claudia looked down straight to see her snake wasn’t easing up, his muscly pink throat extending to take in her thick thighs, before the final prize.
‘If I didn’t know better… no its stupid… you can’t be.’ Claudia coyingly turned the camera ‘How far do you think he will go… how far do you want him to?’
The sensation of her large glutes becoming one with her pet shocked her, he seemed to struggle at first straying to accommodate the width of her butt, but after about four minutes of working out her shape the muscle of his throat slowly stretched over her special area, riding against her and causing her unbelievable pleasure. Then he moved upwards like a strange patterned glove or sock, the snake devoured her huge brown bottom as if it was no problem at all. Of course it wasn’t the snake had eaten pigs and other prey with equally thick bodies, Claudia was nothing special, she was just prey like all the other animals he had met. The snake also couldn’t have imagined a huge meal willingly submitting and providing its body as nutrition, but this woman had fed him before just never personally.
Now Claudia was more concerned as the snake actually.. actually continued to glide across her soft and sweet navel, the chocolate ending in a pool around her belly button. Now the snake had the open plain to roam, and the small hills of her breasts represented no problem like the imposing incline it had surmounted and conquered. No conquered was not the right word for the prey had not resisted.. was not resisting. Claudia however was puzzled, and confused, she was ignoring the camera now realising slowly that perhaps her snake show was a mistake.
‘Now snakey… have you not eaten too much? You don’t want to get bloated… I admit I might be a good meal… meal.. no… snack… I might have got to much into this food role.’
She thought to herself as it sucked in her stomach, the rest of her lower body struggling in its reptilian entombment below her, it couldn’t have eaten her derriere.. she had bet, would have bet on the snake not having been able to stretch to devour her. Claudia wouldn’t have decided to do this now insane performance if she had known, but reality had dawned on her too late. She had watched as it stretched impossibly wide over pigs and other animals. As her pet’s lips stopped below her small breasts she said
‘now snakey… your mistress isn’t going to be happy with you if you continue… whose going to feed you if you make a mistake… obey me and regurgitate… you’ve done it before… regurgitate. Remember my boyfriend made you spit out my lovely feet… now do that again…. Please… please’
There was now fear in her utterances. But the snake had too much of her, she was almost, three quarters one with the snake. He wouldn’t let her go, it was not love but natural instinct.. to never give up a meal. Claudia did not understand that in its mind, it had forgotten soon after her ankles had entered its gullet that she was his mistress. Claudia had made a stupid mistake substituting herself, simply as pounds of meat for the dead pig that she should have given to it. She had also coated herself in a similar mud to the prey items that its kind dined on in swamps. When Claudia realised that there was only one way she was going to leave her snake, she screamed and started to try to grab hold of anything that would slow her trip. The one-way- journey beckoned and even the legs of chair that she desperately gripped with one hand, didn’t help her as the snake walked slowly over her delicious curvy s shaped body. She let go of the chair seeing that she wasn’t moving… but the serpent was slowly over her.
‘Wait … the rate you are going… you’ll have eaten me in ten minutes maybe less.. maybe more… my boyfriend will be home soon… hopefully sooner he will rescue me.’
She gasped and moaned slightly as the python rushed over her nipples and sucked in her tits like the sweets they were. The lower mouth arched under the small of her back, and her tattoo of a bird disappeared from view.
 At her mouth, Claudia and the snake met. She gazed in shock at its slow but steady speed, her eyes pleaded with it, but she knew that no words would save her. She was not entirely stupid since she knew that snakes didn’t understand humans, Claudia cursed her stupidity of becoming a rabbit for her pet… but she had learned one thing… the fear of the little animals that found themselves in her prey’s terrifying grip. Claudia knew now the same animal, evolutionary fight to survive but it was too late now. Without human intervention… she would be gone, just a snake bulge… soon to dissolve in her pet’s bowels. Her beautiful flesh converted into energy, and then the waste….
Out of blind terror, her eyes large and nightmarish she screamed as the python enveloped her beauty, saliva coating her face and sealing her forever within.
‘Mercy… ‘ she cried and to the world that word was her last. Whatever else she said was muffled by the thick snake muscle and bones, a simple MMMPH or MMMMM, or scream or helpless moan, hardly distinctive from the sounds she had made for her boyfriend’s benefit as her snake performance began.
 A slow fifteen minutes followed as the peristaltic movements pushed her wiggling chocolate and saliva covered form into its gut. The tight and thick confines of pink and purple gut wall enveloped her, her sexy ass and silhouette clear in the sluggish contortions and shifting of the python’s patterns. Claudia Cacau did not enjoy the breathless new exotic snake skin she now wore upon her naked skin, that constricted and entrapped her, every moment seemingly to coat and cover her more. The disgusting acidic vapours, and the lack of oxygen slowly caused her to feel sleepy, her eyes relaxed but she tried to fight the sensation to sleep, as if she would awake again and find herself in her own bed… and this would be just a dream… but it was too real… and she knew as her eyes closed she would never awake… but the tiniest pinprick of hope was still there that her boyfriend would come back home… find the camera, the chocolate mess, and would find her trapped inside her pet, and he would save her… he must… he …
The delicious and sweet Claudia Cacau fell asleep, acidic slime and enzymes washing ignobly against her lovely face, her skin turned slowly red as the stomach begun to work upon the new meat which had slipped inside.
Sadly for Claudia, though she would never know, her boyfriend was late that night from work, not that would have saved her. He came home and found the chocolate,camera and rabbit asleep in the snake cage, and became more concerned when the dead pig welcomed him. He shouted ‘Claudia’ and as he turned the camera to watch his birthday present, the serpent was carrying his far away… the unwilling protein packet wrapped inside his belly. Claudia’s boyfriend did not notice the open window in the room.
An hour before, the bulge settled and the struggles diminished as sleeping beauty slept inside her pet. The snake burped a foul miasma that tasted of chocolate and rabbit perfume. He slept for a bit, as the big meal sloshed and his stomach pumped more and more acid to make work of the female model. The python awoke just before Claudia’s boyfriend’s car pulled up outside the house. Snakey noticed as he kept to the shadows as the boyfriend entered the house calling out for the woman who was only a few feet away in the bushes. His hot girlfriend’s body shape was decipherable if he had been able to see in the darkness of the night. Later before he called the police he saw the same beautiful serpentine bulge on the camera video, as disturbing and terrible as the sight was and he would never admit it to anyone but Claudia was as beautiful as always… he could tell it was her as her huge behind made imprints in the snake’s patterns. He had imagined her wearing snake skin jeans but he had never imagined what he saw with his own eyes, he could still hear her moans and cries trapped in her favourite pet. He knew with terror that he was too late for the time on the video was hours ago.
Nearby Claudia’s house was the railway, and by complete chance a commercial train had stopped for a few minutes. The snake saw its opportunity and somehow carrying the massive bulk of its new found booty, was able to push itself and hide in one of the train cars. The train continued on its journey miles away from its prey’s home. The train stopped again near a forest and the serpent slithered away into it. Snakey hid under the mammoth roots of a tree which had been struck by lighting and collapsed on its side. It digested its meal over the next week and squeezed her out now as wet and slippery chocolate logs. Yellow urine packets also emerged from the snake’s shit. Only her teeth, her hair and warped and soiled bunny ears would have told anyone of her fate. Snakey sniffed its large deposit, a chocolate slime also coated the foulness as it covered the mud of the earth. Claudia smelled differently now the snake thought but his only memory of his former mistress was how delicious she was, better than any rabbit it usually ate. It knew that other men and women would be more difficult to coil and eat, but where there was a will there was a way. He slithered away into the undergrowth and saw a number of young women again dressed as bunny rabbits. He noticed several brightly coloured chocolate eggs, it was the same food item as that which had coated Claudia. The women cried out to each other with happiness as they searched for the eggs on their easter hunt, each of them completing to find the delicious food before the other… and again… one rabbit girl in white short shorts which hugged her creamy buttocks found her natural predator and was swallowed whole… and alive.

As snakey swallowed the delicious bunny, as if he wondered her name.. her unsuspecting companion cried out…
‘We’re going inside to eat. I’ll make you something! Sanaa! Did you find any eggs over here?’
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My Cacau model snake vore story.
Pictures I've uploaded as well
I haven't read this story for ages. Enjoy

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