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The Slime woman By nachash9 -- Report

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Name: Emily
Race: Slime
Age: 128
sex: female

Height: 7'6 (2.30m) but can change her shape, from a puddle to giant rope. the limit is the amount of her slime. every material that she can digest become a part of her and make her bigger. however, any energy that she wastes(like moving) burn her slime and make her smaller.

Residence: she live in the Fluid caves. mostly she lying with half shape and waiting for prays to come, however, sometimes she change to full shape and walking to the forest to compile leaves and branches to make her cave looks prettier, also to find fresh preys as well.

Diet: everything that can and can't move, from little stones, leaves, small trees and travelers or adventurers. everything that she can cover with her slime body.
Hunting: mostly she just need to touch the prey and the rest is simple. usually she like to feed her preys when they straggle to calm them down, also her milk actually made from her slime and help for the digesting process.

Digesting: when the prey completely cover by her she start the digesting process. the pray will be bones in a day or two, and also the bones will completely melted about a week after..


special thanks to Cali that help me with the writing.

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Posted by x1WingedAngel56 6 months ago Report

A great looking slime


Posted by Catfishguy 6 months ago Report

ye nice slime character! do they come in blue raspberry flavor? I kid I kid, but great work on this though they look great!


Posted by nachash9 6 months ago Report

thanks, you can ask to taste her, but she will taste you back;)


Posted by doomed 6 months ago Report

At least three adventurers killed by the same monster. She must have a very high bounty on her head .

Also what’s her personality like or backstory


Posted by nachash9 6 months ago Report

her personality is mother like, she like to decorate her cave that visitors will feel comfortable to stay(they will stay anyway).
sadly I didn't wrote a backstory to her:(


Posted by doomed 6 months ago Report

hmmm if shes maternbal then how does she feel knowing she killed all those adventurers


Posted by nachash9 5 months ago Report

well, for her it's more like "making them a part from her" (she love them and they always will be together)


Posted by doomed 5 months ago Report

That’s a brilliant character design then , even if the peoples souls aren’t trapped in her or something it still gives off the vibe you wanted


Posted by Tastypred 6 months ago Report

I'm not usually into the "dommy mommy" type, but I'm goo'd with her.


Posted by PlaTT 6 months ago Report