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[500k Celebration] The Interview pt.I By Voshine -- Report

WARNING: Slight depiction of violence and two really morbid alt endings

The Interview pt. I: YOU ARE HERE
The Interview pt. II: Coming very soon!
The Interview pt. III: Coming very soon!
The Article ' Vore : A Verdant Trend or A Villainous Carving ? Tales of the Unaccountably Peckish' : Coming very soon!

Summary: Vore in Teyvat! Action! Misery aaaand burps! Someone must cover it, Charlotte to the rescue!

Word Count: 6095

Hooo boy, where to begin? One lucky anonymous had won the slot for the 500k celebration story. It was originally meant to be about 5k in length but let's just say that I have got kind of overly ambitious on this one! The other stories will have similar length and will be posted real soon! Make sure to tell me which ending do you prefer! Do note that some details weren't mentioned on purposed for the final article.

Also, who do you think will be interviewed next? >=)

Art by : itohana

Commission sheet:

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Posted by Fatedmeal 4 days ago Report

Really lovely work with setting up and developing the Steambird. A Fontaine organization that has yet to be fully delved to in the game. I am also quite a fan of how you depicted Clorinde in swallowing her conquered prey. As I too believe she would present herself in an expressionless manner when devouring someone. Especially in public and considering the nature of the prey. I would talk about everything else I liked, but then I would be summarizing the entire story and I don’t want to spoil readers who may look at my comment first before reading the story. Of the three endings presented in this first part, I liked the first one where it leads to the continuation that will undoubtedly be in part II. I’m looking forward to it.


Posted by Voshine 4 days ago Report

Glad you liked it!