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p11 Demonstrative digestion By Tasley9 -- Report

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the work on the comic is finished!
length of 23 pages, the whole comic is avaliable now at my patreon for tiers 2 and above!
if you like my work you can support me for more comics, thanks a lot

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Posted by WoodyBLike 2 weeks ago Report

7 months later and we finally get another page… sigh


Posted by Tasley9 2 weeks ago Report

the whole comic is finished


Posted by Edddd 2 weeks ago Report

sigh? this is more of a hooray! for me


Posted by NavigerousVore 2 weeks ago Report

Thank you sooo much!!! She's just meat now!! Her whole class is going to watch as she digests alive!!! <3


Posted by doomed 2 weeks ago Report

Now she’s down time to diegest lol


Posted by Perodian 2 weeks ago Report

That "friend" looks real happy to see Max suffering. I think she knew the teacher wanted Max, and wanted to assist so she could watch.


Posted by Skelebro3 2 weeks ago Report

Probably gave max a bottle of alcohol saying it was laxitives.


Posted by Edddd 2 weeks ago Report

Who needs enemies with friends like that...


Posted by Steveinsectbug 2 weeks ago Report

I'm very excited for the full free release!!


Posted by somethingsomething2077 2 weeks ago Report

I've been waiting for this


Posted by SherlokKirya 2 weeks ago Report

I'm so happy to see this one being updated ! Teacher's really showing a master class at swallowing for everyone to learn.
That bulging stomach shot with intestines (Love to see artist include them) is PEAK !
Though that expression of her teacher pushing her deeper is also very well done, good job on the eye brows.

... also that girl is sweating BUCKETS, literally. That sweat drop on her head huh.

Last thing, but I really love that you included "Snap" sound as she closes her jaws, really adds to how much she wants to finally get her fully inside.


Posted by coolblooded 2 weeks ago Report

Glad to wee you uploading more. I love this comic but im broke. You forgot the teacher pred tag.


Posted by coolblooded 2 weeks ago Report

Part of my sentence got cut off. I said i would buy your comics but im broke.


Posted by Edddd 2 weeks ago Report

you can add tags :)


Posted by coolblooded 2 weeks ago Report

........ Would you believe me if i said i forgot?


Posted by Edddd 2 weeks ago Report

the brainfog... I absolutely believe you


Posted by TheAssAssassin69 13 days ago Report

The look on mask girl's face is the best part of the comic so far


Posted by FluffV 11 days ago Report

She returns!