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Gensou Journeys Chapter 1 By nyttyn -- Report

It's time for Reimu, Sanae, Mizuki, and Kokoro to embark upon their adventure! The first badge for Reimu goes swimmingly enough - but how will he fare against his eternal rival in their inaugural match...?

A commission for anonymous! Thank you for your patronage.

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Posted by SomeGuyHere 2 weeks ago Report

I just love this dynamic between Reimu and Sanae..

Sanae easilly being the dominant one in any situation without even using any effort.. As well as being so... HUGE and a glutton.

Reimu should just cut his losses and realize that it's better to marry her than go on some silly journey.. Just do it like Suwako and settle down with your giant snake wife that definetly eats you when she feels like it.


Posted by nyttyn 2 weeks ago Report

Some people are just naturally blessed, it's true. And hey, some runts just don't know when to fold it...

Glad you liked it!


Posted by Robonkers 2 weeks ago Report

Hmm giant snake wife


Posted by pbysteria 2 weeks ago Report

really fun! sanae's monster burps are epic


Posted by nyttyn 2 weeks ago Report

They're godly, one might say.


Posted by Dooot 2 weeks ago Report

Hoping Reimu spends some time in Sanae's rear the next time.


Posted by Spideroyal 12 days ago Report

Great story! When the next part


Posted by nyttyn 11 days ago Report

Thank you! This is a commissioned series, so it'll depend on whenever the commissioner feels like it.