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Forest meal By Awee -- Report

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Excerpt from the ent of the game "Among cults"

Fun fact about fairies: they can't live without jokes. Or pranks. So it's not a surprise that these cute little creatures are well known for their mischievous nature and their insatiable appetite. More for the first though, because most of the people who met the hungry fairy never stayed outside of her bottomless stomach long enough to tell the tale. Despite their size, fairies are extremely voracious and can easily fit creatures that are more than ten times bigger than they are in their incredibly elastic stomach, and thanks to their astonishing metabolism, they digest said creature in a mere few minutes, no matter if it's a lamia, a minotaur, or even a demon… This mischievous little cuties doesn't discriminate; they digest everyone and everything and turn them into fat and pure magic energy that they will use for pranks later on.
Yet, there's a way to befriend a fairy! And it's actually pretty easy—just share your favorite jokes with them, laugh at their own favorite jokes, and keep them well fed in between~
Lamias, as fellow voracious beasts, usually understand this very well, and because of that, many lamias who choose the path of warlocks or sorceresses form long-lasting bonds with these small cuties, and in exchange, they serve as their familiars.

More content from me here.

Vore a game in my universe with nuns:

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Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

I wonder if humans try being friends with fairies . It’s probably the safest way to protect themselves XD


Posted by LustfulHeart 2 months ago Report

Love the expressions, and the bulging bellies are always nice~


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 2 months ago Report

Fairy preds, nice


Posted by Bobrocks 2 months ago Report

Interesting, especially the part of them eating just about anything too...


Posted by ImmortalAbyss 2 months ago Report

Among cults my beloved


Posted by IddlerItaler 2 months ago Report

Both the drawing and lore are lovely.

Just a couple writing nitpicks:

"This mischievous little cuties doesn't discriminate;" Should be "cutie".

"Lamias, as fellow voracious beasts," I won't contest the voracious part, but "beasts" is a harsh term. To my understanding lamias in your settings are actually rather civilized, having monasteries and settlements. If you want to maintain the connotation that these creatures are strong and threatening, I would suggest something like "voracious menaces" or "voracious hunters", or simply predators.

Unless this was taken from an in-universe treatise written by someone who doesn't favourably look upon neither lamias nor fairies.


Posted by bajillionandone 2 months ago Report

They're so CUTE!


Posted by EelWayne 2 months ago Report

More of the left one.


Posted by Kalysta 2 months ago Report

What a pretty noodle


Posted by Tsubeki 2 months ago Report

Does one of the fairies still have room for a noodle?