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i think im back Posted 5 months ago

im so sorry for all of the inactivity, posting my art has made me incredibly anxious lately. but i still draw, so ill post what i can!

as for a life upd8 in case anyone cares:

So i'm finally in GED classes so ill be working on my education. i used to put it off because i thought i wanted to be a full time professional artist when... its so draining to draw. its also really draining to owe people art, so after all of this thinking i dont think ill pursue a career in art. instead, i want to work on being a forensic psychologist or biologist. ive always been interested in forensics, and i would much rather have a job working with corpses all day than finishing 5000 commissions at this point.
so! for that reason im inactive, and i may continue...
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Oh shit its vore day Posted 6 months ago
I should draw something for that huh
kinda back + updates Posted 8 months ago
sorry for leaving so abruptly last month, ive just been going through a lot of art block and stress. on top of all of that, im still focusing more on myself and my life rather than art. i draw here and there, in fact im very confident in my own style now, but i dont draw as much as i used to.

i managed to whip up a few sketches, some vore related some not, so i hope this makes up for my absence

commissions, trades, and anything else like that are still permanently closed. sorry, i just cant find motivation to draw the way i used to.
Inactivity Posted 9 months ago
Hey I'm not dead lol
I just have not been active at all on social media, nor have I even been drawing lately
I dont see this changing any time soon unfortunately but I'm gonna work on this

Also my birthday was a few weeks ago lol happy birthday to me
Cleaning out my gallery Posted 9 months ago
I'll be deleting a few works that I'm not very proud of or just stuff that I dont really feel like they'd fit in my gallery. I'll be archiving everything I deleted anyways so oop

Also my birthdays coming up on Saturday. I'm gonna b a big boi
another burnout + thanks for 320 watchers holy shit Posted 10 months ago
i just decided to do a count of how many people are watching me and i counted about 320!! ahhh that means so much to me that yall enjoy my content. thank you!!

anyways though.... im going through a burnout currently, meaning ill be rather quiet and i may not have art up for a bit. hopefully yall understand
would anyone want to roleplay? Posted 11 months ago
i havent roleplayed in a fat while, i used to rp all of the time in 2016 and it was so much fun! but i havent been around people who really rp as much as i used to so i havent gotten the chance...

i posted something on the forums relating to what i'm looking for:
so hopefully that gives an idea. but im okay with roleplaying any of my other ocs or sonas!

i'm really really anxious and shy so im sorry if i dont pick you! it aint personal im just....a nervous wreck. i type really chill usually but i roleplay with proper grammar and paragraphs!! so uh yeah.
and ekas is back up Posted 11 months ago
glad this sites back up and running!! i made quite a few pieces so uhm im gonna go upload those rn
quick strawpoll Posted 11 months ago

hey! i want to know what characters you folks wanna see more of from me. or if you have any other suggestions lmk!
i dont plan to take commissions anymore Posted 1 year ago
alright i've been thinking about this for the longest time and I think its important i just put commissions to a complete halt.

i lack a lot of mental energy and time to draw things for myself, making working on things i owe even harder to get to. this is a bad habit of mine that i've been trying to work on. despite the fact that i'm no longer suicidal, i still have a hard time finding mental energy to complete basic tasks. this includes taking care of myself and well being.

i simply don't have the energy to work on commissions anymore. i hate having to hold off commissions for weeks or months. its no good for me or my customers, and its simply unfair to have them wait such a long time for commissions.
so basically... after i finish this final commission i...
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