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☆ dylan ☆ male ☆ bisexual ☆ pred/observer ☆ digital artist/animator ☆

hello i'm dylan and i am a guy who likes music, monsters, and horror. i'm not too social so if i dont reply, dont take it too harsh! i read every comment and reply and i appreciate the feedback so much. with that, please do not ask me for roleplays unless we're mutuals or friends

commissions: closed
trades: mutuals only
requests: only when im streaming

Also I'd like to make this very clear: Please do >NOT< repost any of my art without permission, especially on sites that are more public than eka's. I have several experiences of being harassed online for drawing things I enjoy, and a stalker of mine would love to get their hands on this account to exploit me. Please respect my wishes and dont upload anything I do on boorus, threads, even if fetish related. Only clients who have commissioned me can repost my works, but ////ONLY//// on eka's portal.

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i'm SO sorry ive been absent without any updates HI! a lot has happened, like a lot. i'm trying to get a job currently to save up and move out of this house, trying to get into another relationship, trying to get my education back on track and plenty of other things.
i havent really had the drive or motivation to draw but i'm finally happy with how my art looks? so now i'll definitely be drawing more. i'm sorry things have been so up and down with me, i'm still trying to manage art with mood swings.

i've come to the conclusion that after this batch of commissions, i will no longer be open for commisions. or at least for a REAL long time. i cannot keep up my mental health enough to work on commissions, and i hate having people wait so long. its irresponsible of me to take so long on these...
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Posted by TaciturnTiger 17 hours ago

Much obliged for watching me! :3c


Posted by jaxbeef 6 days ago

Thanks for the watch.

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Posted by yerbabuena 1 month ago

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omg thank you very much! this really made my day ! ;w;

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Posted by Nekochow 1 month ago

Thanks for the fave and watch!


Posted by smog1 1 month ago

thank ya for the watch :3


Posted by Royal_Starlord 1 month ago

Thanks for the watch. :3

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Posted by OmaeWaMoShindeiru 1 month ago

Hey, thanks for watching me! Dig your style!

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Posted by pumpkinoverlord 1 month ago

Thank you for the warm welcome!


Posted by RoryKenneigh 2 months ago

Ello new fan


Posted by NovaRay 3 months ago

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Thanks for the nice words, I really appreciate it and thanks for watching & the fav :D


Posted by PastaThursdays 3 months ago

Thanks so much for your watch!


Posted by dkrule 3 months ago

oh sorry

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