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Smol Update Posted 3 months ago
Copied from FA

Hey hey everyone ^^
Been a bit since my last journal and such. Not sure what to say much, things had been getting better for me, less stress and my brain scan for the migraines im having has been done this week, just gotta get the appointment with the neurologist and I'll see if there's anything wrong...

Besides that.. I'm slowly working off the comm list I have, I'm sorry for everyone who's been waiting for a bit ^^; I'm trying my best to do them.
On the other side tho I gotta ask for some help.
I've done a mistake and need some funds to balance out my PayPal .w.
So if anyone is up for comms or such feel free to DM me here or on Twitter or discord.
If things go as planned I should be able to finally work in peace this...
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Sorry for the long wait... Posted 10 months ago
Hmm.. I think I haven't told much here about what happened the last few weeks or months. Since not everyone is in my discord to know.

I've been having lots of migraine and headaches in the last few weeks, now it's almost daily, appointment at the neurologist is made for January..
I talked with my doctor today about stuffs and he wrote me sick for the rest of the month, probably will be getting more sick notes till I'll have the appointment.
Besides that I managed to get a rhythm in for drawing daily, I managed to draw each day for a month now! General goal is to at least doodle something for 5 minutes. And it helped me get some discipline in. Now I just need to get my anxiety away for comms and projects and things should go well!
Speaking of Projects I got a...
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Fanbox Changes! Posted 1 year ago
Hey hey.
I finally decided to change my Fanbox Pledges and such!

3$ Supporters gain Access to Timelapses I will slowly upload there, as well as being able to Vote on Special Polls and automaticly join a monthly Sketch Raffle!
I did add 2 additional Tiers, though keep in mind Fanbox is more for Support, not exclusive content or such.

Sooo uhh have fun, if you consider joining -w-
New Project! Project Mythical Posted 1 year ago
Hello and Good day everyone! As Said last year, this year I wanna start doing some projects, one to improve and try some new techniques and brushes, but also to get a feeling for more different species and figures, thus the drawings could vary in style.
The First Project I wanna start with is Project Mythical, where ill draw each Mythical Pokemon and you can vote which one is coming first, second and so on.
I wont put myself under pressure with this though, so I can freely work and take my time with them when im not working on comms or other stuff. Motivation is there, and I hope it will increase with the results AND of course your feedback!

So here, ill post the Strawpoll link, ive listed all Mythics from Bulbapedia. The most voted Pokemon will be started with,...
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Terribly Sorry >_> Comms still open, kinda and Update to situation! Posted 1 year ago
So...Just to keep you all Up to date.
Its Sunday now, or well more Monday Morning (1am) and ill be flying to Cuba in a day.
The last days have been pretty stressfull with packing, making sure bills are paid and stuff is done (such as getting a new passport, thank you germany for taking 3453441 years to get one) and that everything is alright.
Its been pretty stressing me and exhausting, so much that i didnt really get to draw nor into the mood honestly, I am still thankfull for any Comm I got so far, because every small bit helps me keep bills covered and emergency money for the trip to Cuba.
Oh yea, btw why am I flying at Corona to Cuba? Family, havent been there in the last 8 years and my Grandma is freaking old already, luckily Cuba has pretty low numbers...
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Commissions Open...btw -w- Posted 1 year ago
Juusttt in case no one noticed, my Comms are open and honestly, i could really use some money to pay the bills ;w;
Corona has hit my town pretty much now and getting a job is not really easy. Just if you guys know someone who wants to maybe commission someone, or could share this around, that'd be pretty neat <w>

Because I have the feeling still either on Ekas or FA people never know a thing. I literally have people come to me and be like "oh i didnt know you do this and that" xD
Otherwise...uh ill be leaving to Cuba arounnndddd mid December to visit family and such, in case some of you had really planned to commission me or such and want something before Christmas ^^

And thaattsss it! Hope you all stay safe, healthy and...
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Curious about Activity Posted 1 year ago
Soo...just curious, how many people are here watching even or such?
Since...i cant see how many followers i have nor favs my pics have etc.
Also was curious because some people didnt know i have an FA page where I post more Actively stuff as well as Non-Vore and Sketches.

I also have a Discord server if anyone wants to join, there are already a few people as well as artists and i must say the Atmosphere there is already nice!
Soo uhh..feel free to comment and such, ill leave links below as well ^^

Discord, Apples Art Corner! :