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A shy Pichu drawing Vore, size diff and Macro/Micro stuff.
Expect some cute arts, mostly Pokemon or whatever gets in my mind to draw.
I mostly do what I have also drawn, so take a look through my gallery, but dont fear to ask!
I dont have much "big don'ts" which are:
Diaper or any Scat/Watersports content, gore, hard vore, fatal vore, farts and...anything toooo weird, again dont fear to ask.

Also please dont use my art without my permission, thank you

Btw you can call me Apple

Feel free to leave a Dm prefferably at Twitter or Discord if youre interested.
I dont do requests, but you can leave suggestions and ideas on my discord if you like, not only me but some other artists in my server might benefit from it

Im trying to stream when I have the time and calmness for it, so feel free to leave a follow :3

Also feel free to join my Discord ^^

For also Non vore art, check out my FA

Also if you want to support me feel free to visit my Pixiv Fanbox or ping me a Note
Or leave a tip <w>
Feel free to join my Discord

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So, you all probably read the news, FA is gonna prob let their mods free to bann every pokemon/digi/shortstack artist they want with their new super vague ruling they wanna enact on first July.

Tbh, im not gonna do anything, ill keep uploading and if i get banned then so be it, im already a target here for some stupid reason, my stance to this can be best described by softestpuffss in their Journal here:

As an artist, I wanna be free in what i draw and how i do it, I dont draw underage stuff nor do i aim to get any "childlike" vibes on my art, Apple is a Pichu who refused to evolve, hes older than 20 and surely not a child, but hey, its FA's ruin they build themselves.
Standing by other artists I will...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by sholsen 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To AfraidPichu

very well I can understand not liking the platform altogether
if you ever change your mind please do let me know

ps they are pieces called More Goodra


Posted by sholsen 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To AfraidPichu

I'm a little confused the comic I'm requesting isn't pornographic
not only that I have make sure to keep my channel child-free Zone


Posted by AfraidPichu 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To AfraidPichu

Besides that, I feel humbled to be considered for something like that, though i really dont like TikTok and possible minors to get here, sorry.

[ Reply ]


Posted by sholsen 5 months ago Report

hello I'd like to ask permission to use your art piece More Goodra in a Tik-Tok photo slide
in an attempt to make aryion/G4 more noticeable to the vore community
if you have any questions or concerns please let me know


Posted by twilighttrixter 11 months ago Report

ty for the watch


Posted by Curito 2 years ago Report

Someday when i have the extra money i hope to have you do a photo for my one rp alt. It needs an update and i dont really know who else could do as good a job as you


Posted by lonelypaintbucket 2 years ago Report

awesome art work <3


Posted by AGuyWithBigHair 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Chuba 2 years ago Report

I love the art you make! ^o^


Posted by KingOfRust 3 years ago Report

i joined your discord im proxy btw


Posted by supernova 7 years ago Report

Thank you for the fav!

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