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Wardrobe Malfunctions By willudie -- Report

Famish and Bucella were all prepped to have a date night. Bucella had reserved them seats at a restaurant, and Famish just had to finish getting dressed and they'd be good to go. Unfortunately, Famish didn't realized she'd accidentally reserved Bucella for HER seat when she sat down on the bed to squeeze into her pants ;D

But unable to find her date or not, a gluttony demon like Famish isn't about to just NOT go to the restaurant. After all, she's sure Bucella will turn up eventually. She probably just went on ahead XD

Just a fun idea I had to show off more of Famish and Bucella's relationship. Bucella is no stranger to the inside of Famish's expansive rear, but even she hesitates when wearing her nice clothes! Unfortunately, Famish isn't the most aware, and with Bucella too scared for her outfit to wiggle around, she finds herself spending a lot of time in between those massive cheeks. But just because she sat still, doesn't mean that booty did!

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Posted by dablueguy 5 years ago Report

haha more of these two and their antics


Posted by dablueguy 5 years ago Report

more of this dou's antics.


Posted by BelleJar 5 years ago Report

They are so cute ^.^


Posted by Edward 5 years ago Report

Famish is becoming one of my favorite caracters lol
She's so funny XD . And why didn't the lil one scratched Famish's butt with her claws?


Posted by willudie 5 years ago Report

Actually, its because Famish has to store so many souls as fat on her body, she has a hard time noticing something small on her body, even near her more sensitive areas. When she has to keep track of all the people stored as padding on her butt, so she can know when they're supposed to come out, she might not notice a small addition on the outside, even if it scratches her. Sometimes, Famish might even just think it's a small itch that's not even bad enough to have to scratch it.


Posted by Edward 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the explanation ! :3


Posted by Fabhar 5 years ago Report

I love seeing stuff with these two. They have such a nice dynamic.


Posted by W4RR3N 5 years ago Report

I like this, it's quite adorable.


Posted by Aickavon12 5 years ago Report

omg... Famish is so adorable and sweet, makes you just want to snuggle her and cuddle her and be like 'is okey'


Posted by Royal_Starlord 5 years ago Report



Posted by SpiderMilkshake 5 years ago Report

Hee hee~ 83 I like these two's interactions muchly~


Posted by AfraidPichu 5 years ago Report

Unaware and panty entrapment <3 oh my thats soooo good. I love your art


Posted by futafan123 5 years ago Report

These two are adorable, I love their relationship.


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 5 years ago Report

This duo seems intresting I think I can speak for evsryone when I say "Potatoes" (Jk But I would like more of them!


Posted by crushxtreame 5 years ago Report

id like to see this in an insertion version wish ihad the money would have been awsome to see her slip in with or without being noticed


Posted by mirrormind101 4 years ago Report

This is kind of cute :)


Posted by thechaospony 4 years ago Report

can you make more of Famish and Bucella ?


Posted by Macrophile90 2 years ago Report

My favorite lesbian couple ever.