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Man I’m really bad at this huh? Posted 1 year ago
Fell apart again. :T
Sorry for the total AWOL. I wound up with way more work on my plate than I could actually handle and I sorta spiraled. I’m trying to get back on the horse and get it under control but it’s gonna be slow cause its…a lot. My relationship with vore, producing it at least, has gotten complicated for me, so that certainly hasn’t helped, but I will still deliver on every thing that I owe people, because, well, i owe them that. After that, I don’t know how much I’ll really do commissions going forward. I think once I finish everything I owe, I’m going to need to take some time to really evaluate a lot of things. I have projects I want to do, but don’t because commissions come first, but then commissions are a wall in front of the projects I want to do. Regardless,...
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Im still around! Posted 1 year ago
I realized it has been a bit since i posted anything or talked. I’m not disappearing! Stuff was just, insane lately, between the family emergency around the holidays, to a lot of stuff that had to be resolved after it, to the intense freeze across the midwest (lost power for over a day here and basically lost a week of time due to my home not being insulated enough to handle that cold). Things have started to normalize and im getting back to work. My number one and only priority is currently finishing everything people have paid for, so as I work on all that I will continue to be a bit quiet, but I’m still around
Quick note! Posted 1 year ago
Wanted to make a note cause this week saw some unexpected delays with a family emergency! Everything is fine now, but it took a good chunk of days of concentrated effort to sort out. Just want to assure people I’m not about to poof again
Twitter Posted 1 year ago
Just making it a point to say I do have a Twitter I’m actively using now!
Its nothing super big or such, just an easy and quick place to also post drawings. For the most part its all the same you’d see on Eka’s, tho if a drawing has two versions I’ll post them on twitter since its just a lot easier. Also some of my more hurried doodles will wind up there if I don’t want to clutter up my gallery here.
Back into the swing Posted 2 years ago
I want to take a second to say thank you guys so much! Seriously, the outpouring of support for the community, and the fact everybody has been so understanding has been great and I can’t overstate that. I’ve been getting back into the swing of things, tho I’m admittedly still nowhere near full throttle compared to what I used to be but just seeing how great everyone has been really helps my confidence to keep going on stuff. The holiday was a little bit of a hurdle to getting back into the routine but I’m getting there, my feet getting a bit steadier every day. So I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving, or whatever your seasonal equivalent is if you have one, and I really do look forward to being able to pump out art for you guys again :D
Life Update Posted 2 years ago
Hi there. So, I wanted to really kinda come out and speak about how it's been the past few months, but I don't want to get into anything too personal. The long and short is, I broke down. I've never been the most well put together guy, and things just, piled on and got to be too much for me to handle. And unfortunately I took to a very very bad response of, total isolation and shut out. This was a very poor choice for me to go with and it left a lot of people in confusion about things and I'm really sorry for that. I've been putting myself back together, and it's taken a lot of work, but I'm willing to kind of be public with myself again. I've been working on the stuff I've owed people, and I can't overstate how grateful I am to the extreme patience people have had with me. You all are...
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Update and commissions Posted 2 years ago
Hi all. I've been in a bit of a slump lately, my brain hasn't been doing great, and its led to me taking way too long than is okay to get things done. Because of this, id actually like to ask, if I still owe you a commission, please message me! I do have a list of people and pieces I need to do, and im gonna be working on them, but I'd like anybody to message me if they could, because my gut says I'm missing at least 1 person on this list. My goal is to have everything done and caught up by Saturday.

Thanks for all the patience ive received from everybody during this, I appreciate it a lot amd I want to make good on that faith
New week new blog Posted 2 years ago
Missed the end of the week update last week, cause i was messed up with a head cold (nothing major, just have bad migraines on occasion), but hoorah! Its the new week.

As it stands, my current workload is
3 commission sketched but waiting approval
1 that needs to be sketched
2 that are approved but need to be finished.

Current soonest working day of any new requests is likely Wednesday or Thursday.
Im also working on some side projects, which I hope people enjoy when they see the light of day eventually.

I also started using twitter! Nothing major, nothing people here on eka's won't already see, but I'm trying to "extend my reach" so I want to make better use of the tools out there.
You can find it here...
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End of the week update, and new commission format Posted 2 years ago
End of week 1 of the new work format! Honestly doing good. I think I'm gonna do these sort of end of the week updates to keep people generally appraised of where I'm at, workload wise, so people can know what to expect.

So, first matter, Commissions are no longer handled by slots like I used to! Instead, they are just, generally open and in a queue format now. This means, I basically will work in the order I receive them, but will also be organizing that in order to make sure everything gets handled in a timeley manner. This also means, if you want something, let me know! YCHs will be paid up front, and also have a quicker turn around priority as such. For standard commissions, provide all info as usual, and I will inform you of the first day I'll be free to get a sketch done...
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Back on Track Posted 2 years ago
For real! Honestly, my mental health has been pretty rough lately, and it's made keeping on top of things a real nightmare, but no more! After talking with some people, I figured out a solution, that finally has me back to working in top form. And god it feels good to be productive again.

So if you want any commissions or YCH stuff, I can actually promise it will turn around in a reasonable time like I used to. From now on, I work Monday thru Friday, and take weekends off, so I can really keep a consistent work schedule. And honestly, just thank you so much to everybody who's been so patient with me while I've been a total mess, I really can't say how much I appreciate it.