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The two got into the car and Bry started the engine as he would start to drive out the parking lot of the beau,

Anthina noticing a few other officers exiting the beau as it seemed they were yelling in anger at the car, or rather at Bry for that matter, Bry paid no mind and would drive out the lot and into the street to head for the abandoned docks and ships as well some boats, but Anthina was too curious what was all the fuss wa

“Now Anna, you know I’m not exactly comfortable with that… It has been years since we last done… that.” The snow-white blonde Princess Elsa says to her younger sister Anna who would cross her arms under her breasts that were nearly as big as her own head, “But Elsa! If we don’t do it, we won’t be able to bond as used to.” She smiles with a giggle, “Why don’t we talk this over some tea and see if you can convince me.” Elsa

As Bry made the tea, Anthina was writing a detailed report for Agent Alice to read and understand, soon Bry came back with the tea and would serve her green tea as he had black tea and would sip from it as he sat back down at his seat, he sighed softly and relaxed as he had a small break for now until Anthina finishes her report of lab finishes their scans first. It wasn’t long until Captain Alix would walk over to Bry, “So I heard you accepted the case.” He crossed his arms, &

As Bry would take his suit, he put it on and would lead out the beau as Anthina took the files with her under her arm as she followed Bry with the same pace as she smiled, relaxed as they exited the building and soon to Bry’s car and he would start it then look at Anthina, “Where do you want to start at first?” He asks before doing anything, Anthina looks in the files for a moment, “The alley-way sounds like a good start if you ask me if that’s where she does her wo

Anthina smiles as she was pet by Bry then would sip from her fruit punch as Bry would sip from his coffee and set it aside to finish up his work as Conrad walked by annoyed by what Bry did and said, to his desk in the beau. Anthina looked at Conrad as how he looked was surprised his change of expression in just a short amount of time, Bry noticed as well as he got a glare from Conrad which made him grin cockily with a wink then to smirk at Anthina as he looks at her after Conrad left the area, &

The next day after Bry paid for the bill without hesitation, he brought Anthina to her place and planned on picking her up tomorrow, instead of for her to take the bus of the train as she usually does. Bry was thanked by Anthina for the ride home and for paying for the bill to which he smiled and waved as he left to go to his apartment. Tired enough of a busy day and a working day, he would strip to his briefs and just drop himself to his bed and start to sleep, exhausted, meanwhile Anthina walk

Take the alley on your right. Now!” A voice said the earbud, it was her partner in, not a crime. “R-Right!” She said as she ran the best she could in her uniform but with her grey sweater over it. It didn’t bother the captain nor her partner as her partner found it to be cute looking on her and would make as a good cover regardless. “He’s going into the warehouse up ahead, he should be at a dead-end there!” He said, with that Anth

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Hello all!

I'm not well known or rather known entirely to most of you, but I can say that I am Chuba! And I write, I love writing!
I can write pages and pages of story for you!

Why should I commission from someone I don't even know? You may be asking yourself, well, here are some examples as to why!

Professionalism: I have pride in my writing skills and love doing what I do, I may not have much on my gallery, but that is merely because I'm keeping that for work that I do with friends, back on track, with me there will be lots of communication, no limit, no preference, no refusal to write certain kinks (except a few, see below to know!)

Quick: I do tend to make my commissioner(s) wait for a short amount of time, you are welcomed to contact me on how your work is coming along.

[ Continued ... ]

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