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Commissions are open, both SFW and NSFW Posted 2 years ago
For more information, check out my Carrd:

Or my commission status:
Vore and non-vore commission information Posted 2 years ago
I finally sat down, made up my mind, and have opened vore and non-vore commissions! Check out prices and information here:
Finally created a Ko-fi account! Posted 6 years ago
While I'm still busy with real life stuff, I wanted to do some sort of preparation for future commissions. Once Christmas hits I'll be surely opening some experimental commissions to try and get a taste of what it's like, but in the meanwhile, I opened up a Ko-fi to get some aditional support.

Any small donations are appreciated!
Paypal commissions coming soon? Posted 6 years ago
It might happen. There's a chance I'll get a credit card of my own soon (it was about time-), so this will enable me to open up this kind of commissions. When and how? That's the question. We'll see.
Would anyone be interested in getting that kind of commissions from me? What prices would make my art justice?
Vore audio creator? Indeed I am! Posted 6 years ago
For those of you who know me through FurAffinity, you already know I'm a vore audio maker ... sort of. From 2014 onwards, I've been -sporadically, may I add- making vore audios in different settings.
Well, I'm happy to announce I'll be uploading links to these over here soon! In my last 2 audios I've faced the trouble of a volume drop, but yesterday I finally found a way to solve it, and so, I'm confident enough to post them over here! I'll be posting the old one(s) as well (even though I'm not proud, obviously because it was my first attempt at it 3 years ago xD) and, of course, this will mean I will start doing some more of those as soon as I'm done! I already had one on the works but I left it on hiatus due to lack of resources and the audio bullshit. Not anymore though!
[ Continued ... ]
Updated my account theme! Posted 6 years ago
Wanted to make it less Dangan Ronpa-y and then turn it into a more generic thing. Since I love stars and space and dark colours (mostly because I don't want my eyes to burn while I'm on mobile or at night here), I think it looks pretty neat-
Also, I really apologize if I take my time to do stuff. Still not confident in my anatomy (trust me, drawing same-size vore is really god damn hard without it looking chunky/weird as fuck), and a stomach illness is kinda making my days impossible...
Pokémon Vore suggestions - Open! Posted 7 years ago
Taking advantage of Christmas break, I'd like to get back on track so I can continue to upload content here. I'll be focusing on Pokémon in general, with special attention to the new games (Sun and Moon). So far I intend to draw Anabel and Ilima vore (both of them being prey), but I'd like suggestions of pred Pokémon and also other human characters you'd like me to draw. Remember that I have the right to decline in case the Pokémon or character is too difficult to draw or I lack the time. Thanks a lot in advance!
Dangan Ronpa vore suggestions? Posted 8 years ago
I know it's been barely two months or something since I joined this site, but I'm loving the experience so far, and I wanted to remind you all that I'm open to suggestions on future drawings!
I'm better at M/M content but females are fine too (don't get me wrong, I love females, but I can't get them right for some reason- and this is coming from someone who's female!)
I'm willing to draw vore, unbirthing and anal vore. I have a big variety of kinks, but I'll stick to these for now~
(And as the title suggests, only Dangan Ronpa characters; no OC's or crossovers.)