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Requests Posted 1 year ago
As it comes as a surprise to absolutely no one, I haven’t been good at up keeping requests and it’s a bit stressing since I have other (frankly, more important) things I should be working on but haven’t since I’ve been stressing about not working on them (I am very bad at that). So for the time being, I’m shutting off my requests and putting an indefinite hold on anyone who has asked anything from me. I am sorry, but I haven’t been feeling too good mentally and I need to get at least some this stress off of me. Thanks for understanding.
Art Block go *brrrrrrrr* Posted 1 year ago
Got a MASSIVE art block, like I’ve sketched out like 3 separate drawings that I’ve put at least an hour into each and like one detail absolutely derails the whole thing when I can’t get it right, tad bit stressing. But, I do finally have a drawing I’m working on that I’m pretty happy with so there’s that.
I uhh got a DeviantArt account Posted 1 year ago
It’s the same content that I post here, same name too, only thing different is I’ll be posting WIPs there because it helps me when people can see my drawing progress n shit (and so I can keep this page less cluttered). Not asking anyone to follow or anything like that, I’d just thought I’d point out that I have one (:
Thank you watchers Posted 1 year ago
I really should be going out and thanking people for liking my art enough to hit the watch button, but I am a bit awkward when it comes to that sort of interaction so please forgive me. I do appreciate it and you absolutely aren’t being ignored, thanks.
Updated mah Profile Posted 1 year ago
Makin’ shit spiffy around here, I may live in a cave miles from anyone and only live off of the droppings from the ceiling and the internet but I goT STANDARDZ YO. Also, first person to guess the slightly obscure reference in my pfp get a cookie or something, idk I don’t make the rules.
Shading style Posted 1 year ago
Aight amigos, I need some advice, which shading style o’ mine do you prefer? You got two choices: A. The blurred/smudged shading technique (example being the emo gurl pics). Or B. The simple low opacity technique (examples being every other piece I’ve done as of rn). I ask this because I want my art to be appealing and I want to know which shading style you’d rather see? Depending on how I get answers I’ll tally them up and figure it out from there.