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Worldbuilding and Vore logic Posted 2 months ago
Hey all.
So I've been brainstorming my own little vore baised world. I feel that having a narrative to go with illustrations really helps with the immersion and the overall enjoyment of a piece. I notice that alot of artists on the site (so far that im aware) have rather "episodic" works. So kind of like a "one and done" kind of idea. I notice however some of my favorite content are the comics, sequences and any piece with an overall plot.

So I've been kind of thinking up a little vore world with characters, and backstories and lore and all those goodies. Of course, you'll still see the "One off" kind of illustrations, more often than not I might add, but i feel that some cohesion really goes a long way.

Im still ironing...
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Interested in Comissions? Posted 4 months ago
Hello all~
I know Im not super popular on this site or anything but I was wondering what the interest would be in commissions from me?
I've dipped my toe into some requests to get the gist of it. I finally feel confident enough to actually give commissioning a go nowadays.

So the way I think this will work will be the following.
1)A requester may reach out to me on a provided site, either Discord, PM through Aryion, or email depending on availability.
2)Then the requester should reach out and see if I'm currently accepting commissions. If yes we proceed~
3) The requester should detail what they would like done. The more detail the better and if you include reference material even better.
4) Pricing will likely go as following
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Kaiju Vore Posted 1 year ago
You know you'd think that the kaiju genre would be more focused on in the vore community. When you think giant monsters you imagine that "vore" would be synonymous with such monsters. Don't know just a thought. It's weird though I've recollected some scenes from kaiju movies that have vorish tendencies.
The 1998 Godzilla scene. It's weird I vaguely remember this moment but I remembered he actually swallowed the car and then they drove out? Guess that's an example of mis-remembering a movie I guess.
the 2014 Godzilla nomming on a car. Kinda funny to picture, but surprisingly effective.
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Real Life Vore attempt Posted 6 years ago ... ooks-video

Well some one's finally had the courage to try it. To try being eaten alive by a giant snake. Living the dream.
The guy couldn't make it through the whole thing though and the Andaconda only got to his head.

What do you guys think? Do you think that this was a silly idea and that vore isn't to be taken literally?
Or maybe he or another professional should try again under different circumstances?