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Laptop Power Adapter Issues Posted 4 months ago
Just an announcement. The cord on my laptop's power adapter is damaged and starting to fail. I've ordered a replacement adapter, but the site said that it won't arrive until the 11th, and I'm not sure if the old adapter will hold out that long. If it doesn't, there may be a period early this month where I can only really be contacted via Discord or other platforms easily accessed via my phone. So, if I fail to respond to something on here or Patreon or something sometime between now and the 11th, that's probably what's going on.
I'm on Patreon now! Posted 4 months ago
While I previously had refrained from joining Patreon due to their ban on NSFW content, I was recently informed of a loophole involving Discord, so I went ahead and made a creator account on Patreon:

The various levels are somewhat different from the original ones on my SubscribeStar page, but I am on changing those to match as soon as possible
Poll over! Posted 7 months ago
Since responses had slowed to a trickle after a few days, I went ahead and closed the poll from my last blog post. And the winner is...


Dressed as a treasure chest, transforming into a mimic!
Halloween Comic Pred Costume Poll Posted 8 months ago
I'm getting an early start on a Halloween art idea, since it's such a big concept that I've failed to get even the first render done for two years running now. The thing is, while I originally planned to make the "featured pred" a ghoul, I'm having second thoughts about it now, and am considering alternate ideas. The basic concept: My vore-sona Cowrie is at a Halloween party full of normal humans, and finding it dull, decides to cast a spell that turns all the other guests into whatever they're dressed up as to spice things up. One woman there is dressed up as something that turns out to be predatory, and she ends up eating the guy she had been talking to/flirting with. So, I made a poll to determine what she'll be dressed up as.

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CandyCassette Art Raffle Posted 10 months ago
CandyCassette is doing an art raffle!
By sharing it, I get an extra entry.
Hiatus Posted 1 year ago
For the past couple of weeks, I've struggled to find any motivation to do art, so I think I'm going to take a short break from producing new art. The plan is for this hiatus to last until the end of May, but nothing's set in stone, and I'll provide updates if the situation changes. I'm still going to check the various sites I share my art on from time over the course of this month, or however long the hiatus ends up lasting, so I should be able to respond to comments and PMs and such, but will probably be checking less frequently, and responses will be correspondingly slower.
New Twitter Account! Posted 1 year ago
Just wanted to let everyone know that, now, in addition to here, my SubscribeStar page, and my DeviantArt gallery, I now also have a new Twitter account! I've already posted some of my recent art there, and will continue to post most pieces as they become publicly available. I'll also be posting updates about things going on on my SubscribeStar page, such as when new art pieces are available to subscribers, poll announcements, and the winning results of polls.
Seeking beta readers for new GURPS Vore spin-off! Posted 1 year ago
I've mentioned in a couple of places that, in addition to the existing GURPS Vore documents I've released, I'm working on a new document regarding vore in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. Well, I've got a pretty good draft ready, but I'd like to have a couple of other people look over it before releasing it to the public. So, I'm looking for beta readers (not players!) for my working draft of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Vore. Readers must have a working familiarity with the rules of GURPS in general, and the Dungeon Fantasy series in particular (note, this document is based on GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, not DFRPG!), as well as already having read the current version of my GURPS Vore document. Particular forms of feedback I'm interested in include: whether stuff is unbalanced, critique on...
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Ace Pride Vore Drive Update plus SubscribeStar Musings Posted 1 year ago
While I'm still doing my ace pride vore drive, I have noticed that a few people have commented on that image multiple times, both on here on Eka's, and on the DeviantArt posting. I just want my viewers to know, not only does only one post per person per site count, if you make multiple comments on the image on a given site, you are making things harder for me to calculate the end number of prey when I do the final count. I'm not going to delete comments in excess of one by a single person due to the fact that apparently requires reporting that comment, which isn't something I want to do, but if anyone who's commented multiple times on that image on either site sees this post, I'd greatly appreciate it if they took any excess comments down themselves. Thanks for bearing with me.
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It's my birthday!!! Posted 2 years ago
Today's my birthday! Can't do much to celebrate because of the quarantine, but I'm expecting some presents in the mail.