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okay.... for real i'm back! Posted 1 year ago
After a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong peak session, and just a lotta stuff that happened, i'm going to try and upload again, especially with it being a lot faster to post stuff. why not give it one more try ^__^ sorry for not saying i'd be gone, just needed the time to focus on life.
THE DOGZO IS BACK! Posted 2 years ago
New scanner is here! more need to draw then ever and with little free time thanks to my second kid, i'mma put whatever freetime i can scape together to put in more art. been sketching a lot while away soooooooooo.......... prepare for lots of stuff!!!
Where be danzo?! Posted 2 years ago
Just a hyper quick update.

Not dead, just hyper busy. Sol was sick but recovering now. Drama at work has left me incharge of 2 major flights so have been getting off late, and been trying to spend time with the little one. Still gonna post art when i can. Sorry for delays.
Just a quick break Posted 2 years ago
anyone that knows me knows how hard i work and how much art i actually have and need to post, but atm got a lotta personal stuff going on. so won't be posting anything until 5/12 atleast. just need to focus on my daughter who has been kinda sick lately and on my wife. so sorry for the delay of art. Q_Q
Art is coming Posted 2 years ago
Sorry for my lack of uploads. been a VERY hectic time and work hours are kinda nuts at this second. going to post my easter stuff tomorrow or late sunday. and lots of other things on Tuesday. forgive my lack of presence for now, but rest assured i am doing A LOTTA stuff.
The borkining!!! Posted 2 years ago

Back at the eka's thing!

However out and about with the gf.

Looooots of postin tommorow.
Birthday plans? Posted 2 years ago
To be 100% honest. no super big plans. likely going to take a little time to rest for march 14th (my birthday) - march 17th and likely just gonna do small things / care for family and vice versa. just letting it be known for those days i may be invisible outside of possibly finally doing a stream after soooooooooooo long. for now idk x-x still been kinda busy as fuck but will try to do somethin xp just letting everyone know.
just gonna dump the rest of the days today Posted 2 years ago
Very short update, gonna let you all know, got a looooooot going on monday, so......... going to post all the stuff today as to not have to worry about being behind. sorry for kinda just dumping the last of the pics today :C sorry, though i will admit that i still put so much effort into each thing, hope you all enjoy
MAJOR NEWS! Posted 2 years ago
sorry for putting it in all caps but needed you guys to know this short but very sweet news.

not even a year and a half ago, my little girl Amelia blessed mine and sol's life! She has been a wonderful child, if a massive hand full at times! but she is ours and we love her! well we have a new challenger on the way! that's right, My lovely wife Itisha is knocked up with another baby! yaaaaaaaay! so super happy to be having another baby on the way and having for the most part a rather good state. working hard yes, but providing for my family and make them happy. i'm just a hyper happy doggo and wanted to let you allllllllll know this! hope you enjoy it all!
about posting stuff Posted 2 years ago
real quick, sol has been sick, baby has been sick, and i'm working my ass off, today and tommorow's posts will be posted first thing tomorrow. sorry for the delay