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For the possible few who are curious Posted 5 months ago
Hey people.
Sorry ive been less active. I unfortunately am still having a hard time coming back on this site. I, honestly, am jealous of those who are more talented here. I feel as if i'm surrounded by those who are much better, so why even try?
Though, i haven't stopped drawing. I'm still sketching and attempting digital...that is, till fire emblem three houses came out. Since then, that's been what all my few moments of free time go to. I just, find myself wanting to play. Not only do i really love the game, but it feels like an escape after my horrible days as of late. Trust me, things seem to only get worse and worse.. But, thats the same for everyone. I promise i'm not trying to throw a pity party, or feel sorry for myself, i just wanted to update the few people here of...
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Dato after vacation Posted 7 months ago
Hey everyone. Just wanted to check in and give an update to the few who were curious.

Recently I just finished a week long vacation. It was really needed, and it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve felt relaxed. I even was able to get some drawings done during that time. I’m rather proud of them too thankfully. Some were done as collab, so you will likely see them on my collaborators gallery, (if they decide to post them) others though, were either done for close friends or were stuff I practiced and didn’t finish for reasons.

While I’m drawing again, nothing has really changed yet. I’m still at the same level. So I’d like to be at a better level before I start sharing again. Plus it’s, honestly felt nice not having to worry about what others think when I...
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Done posting for a while, sorry. Posted 7 months ago
I can’t feel good about my art. I just can’t get in the right head space to make it either, and it’s beyond frustrating.
So until I can not only get back in a better head space, and truely enjoy the art I make, I’m not posting anymore.

I know all 2 of you who care are disappointed, but I’ll be sharing art with the few close friends I have only. Sorry.

I feel I can’t be on this site and not be jealous of other artists, for whatever reason. It’s very childish of me, and I need to fix it.
More importantly. I used to just draw what I like for fun, not caring if it got noticed or not. But as more eyes got on me, I found myself caring more and more about faves and view counts. And that’s just not the kind of person I wanna be. This is supposed to be...
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Question about Len Posted 9 months ago
To the few on my gallery who like my dorky white haired “self insert”, I’m curious if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see him in.
I would like to start using him more, mainly due to the fact not only am I liking m/f stuff a lot more, but I see the small amount of attention he has gained. I’m amazed he’s so well liked out side my friends.
Suggestions could be anything. Stuff for doodles, trades, commissions I could get from other talented artists, etc.

Hope to hear feedback.
why? Posted 10 months ago
So I brought in my car for repairs, and got a rental car. My door has a massive bash in it and I cant open it. :\ Thanks to something that happened at work.

So...guess what car I got as a rental... A sports car...

Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYLHPX6yVLU
Question and thank you Posted 10 months ago
Hello everyone.
First I wanna say, thank you to those who participated in the poll. I really appreciate the feedback.

Now I have a small question. Do you think I show reopen trades and commissions? And if I did, what do you feel my art is worth?

Currently I only did commissions for friends, and did them for $10 only (despite their objections and wanting me to charge more)

So please, just tell me if you feel I should, and for how much. You can check my gallery for commission examples
Dato's doodles? Posted 10 months ago
Would anyone be interested in seeing the doodles I do for fun be posted on my page?

Its mainly something I do to relax and practice. I use no refs so they aren't very good. I mainly do them for friends and take character suggestions, then just draw whatever comes to mind with that character.
Doodles are just messy sketches. I could finish some and make them digital, but dont count on it.
Hiatus Posted 1 year ago
Due to medical reasons that have come up, I will not be working on or posting any art for an unknown amount of time.

Sorry everyone, but I gotta think about my body first.

Hopefully I'll have some good stuff for you when I get back at it.
kingdom hearts 3 Posted 1 year ago
Yup...Gonna be busy playing this for a bit. Sorry everyone. Hopefully I'll have something to post soon though. My vacation starts tuesday, so I'll have 9 days off work. I plan to use them for art and gaming.

Stay awesome!
I can't stop smiling. Posted 1 year ago
To the few who probably read my last update, about my medical scare, I got checked today, and thankfully I'm in the doctors words "perfectly fine".
I can finally relax after a whole month of stress and anxiety. I can finally start my new year correctly, and do what I had planned.

I hope to have more art to show you all too. Ive been trying to draw more when I can, taking an hour or two a day to draw if possible.

Hope I can make something you like. Stay awesome!

(also here, have some doodles)