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Most call me Dato. Close friends call me numbnuts.
My saying is "Bring vore, to the voreless." Everyone is a pred, and a prey.

I'm some fool with a pencil and a tablet. I hope to improve and get better. My main focus is female gaming and anime characters. (may attempt some males and femboys eventually) Characters I draw are intended to look 18 or older. (unless otherwise specified)
If anyone has advise or suggestions let me know. Im always looking to improve and welcome all criticism. Also if you ever wanna talk let me know! :) Thanks everyone, stay awesome! :D


Fave preds: Warrior princess Lucina, Shy cutie Lillie, and Gravity smol Ochako Uraraka

Fave ship: Shulk x Lucina (best ship. best ship!)

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Alrighty so i'm probably gonna say something people in the 3rd request batch wont wanna hear, or well um...see. When this current request is done, (the last request of batch 2) im going to take a small break. What i'm going to do during that time is make 3 items (possibly 4). The pick the pred picture (daisy won and I plan to add a story of sorts) an art trade with a good friend, and lastly something for winter/holidays. (will be a story with this one too) I also want to make a picture for a friends birthday in December. I don't believe these will take too long but I want to let everyone know now. Sorry, but I need to make some stuff I wanna make. I need a break.
I thank you all in advance for your patience, and to those in batch 3, your turn will come I promise.

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Posted by mosta1119 11 days ago

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Your welcome


Posted by MobiusTheIce 2 weeks ago

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Ah! Thanks, but that's not me! I'm Lara XD


Posted by MobiusTheIce 2 weeks ago

So you do like my hero academia, uh? But my matey "boobssucks" is 4 steps ahead you :D https://u.teknik.io/ppd3W.jpg ( Take this as a joke, of course XD)


Posted by AnonymousShark00 2 weeks ago

Thank you kindly for the watch! ^^/


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Thank you for the favorite ^,^

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Thanks for the fav. (∩∪∩)

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Thanks for the favs!


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Thank you for the watch \o/

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Thanks for the fav


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Thanks for the watch dude~ <3


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Thanks for the fave!

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Thanks for the fave.

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