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Hello, and thank you for checking out my attempts at drawings.

I'm some fool with a pencil and a tablet. I am no artist, yet. I hope to improve and get better. My main focus is female gaming and anime characters. (may attempt some males and femboys eventually) Characters I draw are intended to look 18 or older.
If anyone has advise or suggestions let me know. Im always looking to improve and welcome all criticism.

I am also very friendly and am open to talking with people. Send me a pm, or if we hit things off well enough, I'll give you my discord. Thanks again for viewing my works. :)

Requests: I no longer do these. I had too many negative experiences, and if I ever do them again it will be for a special event.
Trades: Sure! I'd love to trade. Message me and lets talk about it.

my best bud/mealboy~:  EndercreeperMugen

Fave preds: Warrior princess Lucina, Shy cutie Lillie, Gravity smol Ochako Uraraka, and the Aegis Mythra/Pyra

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To the few who probably read my last update, about my medical scare, I got checked today, and thankfully I'm in the doctors words "perfectly fine".
I can finally relax after a whole month of stress and anxiety. I can finally start my new year correctly, and do what I had planned.

I hope to have more art to show you all too. Ive been trying to draw more when I can, taking an hour or two a day to draw if possible.

Hope I can make something you like. Stay awesome!

(also here, have some doodles)

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Thanks for the fav


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Thanks man!


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No worries :D sometimes I can get a bit late when watching other artists :D


Posted by SilhouetteofKid 7 days ago

Hiya, thanks for the watch! I appreciate it and hope you enjoy my work. ^^


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