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NCC: Winter Semester is now out! Posted 1 day ago
The first chapter of the epic story collab  Ssublissive and I did is now live!

Read the story on Ssubby's page here and tell us what you think:
The full version of the story, including the option to turn on disposal scenes and the ability to follow the new chapters as they get posted, is here:

We'll be posting the later chapters as we get them edited! We hope you have as much fun reading as we did playing!
Protection, part 6 (for real) Posted 10 months ago
Coming soon...

Though this is far from finished, it's going very well, and I have hope that a continuation to the Protection series - that I can be proud of, not that one year's shoddy half-hearted NaNoWriMo - may yet come out of this.

Watch this space!