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About underage fiction Posted 1 month ago
Moving this here, as the sanctity of fiction is a subject I'm passionate about and Tumblr has insisted on showing me pro/anti-shipping discourse lately no matter how much I tell it I'm not interested, so I've put a lot of thought into this.

This is mostly directed at people who like underage fiction but fear that it necessarily means they're attracted to real children. If you don't like underage fiction, or even if knowing that I produce or consume it makes you want to block me, that's perfectly fine - it is certainly not to everyone's taste, and people are entitled to their opinions and their lines they won't cross. This post probably won't have anything to say to you, so you can stop reading now.

There's an interesting thing about fiction and art more generally:...
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Winter Semester Chapter 4! Posted 10 months ago
This is a shorter one, just the aftermath from the previous chapter. No vore, although there is a vore aftermath (including a disposal variant if you, too, are nasty). But Chapter 5 is in the editing process as well!

While you wait, why don't you go check out  Ssublissive's audios to tide you over? Maybe visit her Patreon and throw her some money to get early access to her new audios while you're at it? She's just as good a writer in making the scripts for her audios as she is in this roleplay! Possibly even better! If you pledge now, you can check out the script for her next audio, which looks cute as all hell. And you can also listen to her latest audio before it gets published here, which is pretty awesome. (I'm a little...
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Winter Semester Chapter 3! Posted 11 months ago
Things are starting to heat up in the story  Ssublissive and I did together!

Chapter 3: A Deadly Date is now ready to read!

With the help of new member Nicole's reconnaissance, the Empty Bellies find an easy target to pick on in the wargaming club: Lexi, a lonely freshman who's desperate for a girlfriend. Britney volunteers to take her out in both senses, but when it turns out that Britney's ex-girlfriend Valerie is friends with Lexi, things get more complicated...

Winter Semester Chapter 2 is out! Posted 1 year ago
For those of you who've been waiting for this: I'm sorry, this holdup was entirely on me.  Ssublissive, being the angel that she is, edited this chapter and I just didn't get it together in time.

We'll be getting future chapters together a bit faster, so that the winter semester won't be over before the full story is uploaded!

Either way, read up! It's delicious!
NCC: Winter Semester is now out! Posted 1 year ago
The first chapter of the epic story collab  Ssublissive and I did is now live!

Read the story on Ssubby's page here and tell us what you think:
The full version of the story, including the option to turn on disposal scenes and the ability to follow the new chapters as they get posted, is here:

We'll be posting the later chapters as we get them edited! We hope you have as much fun reading as we did playing!
Protection, part 6 (for real) Posted 2 years ago
Coming soon...

Though this is far from finished, it's going very well, and I have hope that a continuation to the Protection series - that I can be proud of, not that one year's shoddy half-hearted NaNoWriMo - may yet come out of this.

Watch this space!