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Your Character Here? (read first) Posted 6 months ago
I was thinking on doing a simple AV (anal vore) YCH. My idea is a butt and two faces (pred and prey) and I give you a few variants, while applying experimental watercolor shader (
What do you think? I ask because if it has much demand I'll think of how many slots I open for it (maybe five, ten, I don't know).

LISTEN! Do NOT pm me about it right now, WAIT until I post respective image with price and instructions.

EDIT/NOTE: Taking my comm sheet as example, price/s for this could range from lineart - sharp weak shading (I'm not sure about last one, flat color is more accurate) or lower, since if I use Natsumi (e.g.) you would be paying for a head and butt (if...
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Dear dairy, I need a second screen (4 lineart/flat color slots) Posted 10 months ago
Since more than a year I've been using a (second hand) CRT monitor as second screen, not to draw, but to visualize true color and brightness of my works (and other stuff) and place app painting tools so my main screen is only canvas. That old monitor is now dead.
I'm using a LED TV as main (and only) screen, but it's the "opposite" of CRT. When drawing, I hate to see grey scale going from white to a very dark grey then pitch black. If you watch any dark scene, the darkest spot is pure black, you can see borders not blending. It sounds stupid, but I always try to be careful when it's about colors, lighting and shadows.

Just wanted to say that. I have a stroke each time I want to simulate realism and I need space to interact between softwares and apps.
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About animations Posted 11 months ago
Don't think I'm not considering I've only made two animations, I want to make that clear because of my next question. What's the way to make a donation goal without you having to pay a monthly subscription? I mean, let's say I made a full color animation (with or no sound, I'm not sure) and I want to release it for everyone to watch, BUT once I reach $XXXX. I hope you get my idea.

This sounds like "I'm too excited", "I want to do everything", abruptly pushing myself. No, I just want information.

Two animations, even if they have some kind of quality and make me look like I have potential, it's nothing as to start bringing big projects to life and "play" with money. I'm not that stupid.

Thanks everyone.
I don't want to turn my blog into Twitter but... Posted 11 months ago
Youtube recommended me "random" stuff:

-I've watched eldritch themed gameplays, one has a cat with a humanoid bulge and makes you think it's boy at the beginning of game who just got eaten because you never see him again and cat shows a bloated figure, it's more obvious when you talk with the cat because it says "you're lucky I'm full right now" to protag (game: smalls island woes), other has a giant multi-eyed fish that when it touches you screen goes black and you hear two "familiar" (for us) clean gulping sounds as game over, oh but when you temporarily defeat it you have to go inside it (you can see its guts) and search for something to progress (game: gone golfing).
-I've watched MeatCanyon's Winnie The Pooh and The Great Honey Tree. ...
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Happy New Year! Posted 11 months ago
(what subject says)
00:06 here
I'm fine Posted 11 months ago
just not posting anything yet
Little big upgrade Posted 1 year ago
Just making a simple blog to tell you, this past 2 weeks I struggled, trying to replace hardwares to do my stuff in a new whole improved way (plus my previous hard drive is dying so I needed to change it).

I FINALLY did my first transactions to get money from Paypal (is such a huge relief to me since I thought all incoming money was gonna be indefinitely stuck in there) and bought most important hardwares.

About what I changed, I put it like this: I went from Athlon 5350 to Ryzen 5 (3600).
After several days of upgrading windows 7 to 10, duplicating files, disassembling-reassembling cabinet, waiting downloads and dealing with activation errors, I could start enjoying my new computer... It EXPLODED in my face (figuratively): huge canvases don't lag,...
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Current context Posted 1 year ago
After finished my second animation, I felt burned out: tired of doing sketch-like frames from time to time, I couldn't keep a constant pace as to do most of work in a few go's. Wanted to take some breath and try continuing/making commissions, but I fear I can't do that without prolonging the process. I want same "free" time I had when making my first works of this year, "Make it fit" (my four pages comic) for example, didn't take too long because I had enough time for it, same for first commissions I've done.

Things are different now: a person I'm working (actually helping) for, asked for "vacation" to their boss so they could have more time to advance on home projects that you'd mind calling professionals to do them. That means I have to spend...
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My back Posted 1 year ago
This was a tough week and when I got my break, BOOM! My back started to hurt and pain spread to my neck: I can't move arms or head properly and it makes me nervous. I don't feel like drawing complex stuff, that Bowletta thing ( ) is an example.
Wanted to make something clear Posted 1 year ago
I'm replying to pm's about commissions at the moment, but that does NOT mean I reopened. What happened? I've received messages about commissions while I had stuff to finish (and I still have works to be finished). My status remained showing I don't accept ("Accept commissions: No") and I never posted anything about slots being open again.

I need to make that clear because a few of you have talked to me several weeks ago but some are patiently waiting for slots to (officially) reopen: don't try to suggest me to not take them because I'm willing and would like to take everyone commissions (under my conditions I've listed on my comm-sheet obviously) but if you talk to me about it before I reopen is like sneaking in line.

Don't think I'm upset or anything,...
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