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Coms Closed Posted 6 days ago
Thanks to everyone for applying, I've picked out the slots.
Keep an eye out on my gallery for a big alien thing coming up.
Commissions Open! Posted 7 days ago
So there's been a price raise. First thing to note.
But check out my sheet and if you're after something, hit me up. I'll be going with artists choice, and will DM you back if I've chosen your idea. There are limited slots so I will not be able to get to everyone.
Coms closed, slots filled Posted 3 weeks ago
Thanks to everyone for applying!
Sketch coms open. 5 slots available Posted 3 weeks ago
$25 for a coloured sketch, single char. Shoot me a message anywhere and I will respond if I select you.
Commissions Closed Posted 2 months ago
Alrightie, thanks to everyone for applying. I've contacted the people chosen for the slots.
Again, please don't feel bad if I didn't get back to you.
Commissions Open Limited Slots Posted 2 months ago

Hey all! This happened sooner than I expected.
I'm opening limited slots for commissions, it is not first come first serve, I'll be picking the slots myself, so please don't be too upset if I don't pick yours. I'll announce when the coms are closed again in probably a day, I'll be responding only to the ones I pick.

Once again, ONLY, no paypal. If you have a card you can use

The slots are:
5 coloured sketches
4 sketchpages
1 full colour

Make sure to read my com sheet too!
FREE ART Posted 2 months ago
Now that I got your attention, I'm doing a raffle for free art.
Make sure you read the rules to enter properly!
3 hours left Posted 2 months ago
3 hours left for any bids on girls that haven't had any new bids.

But keep in mind that a new bid now extends that girl's deadline by a day!
Adoptable News and Reminder Posted 3 months ago
Auction here:

So we've had a couple bid retractions. Most notably is Eel Queen who is as of typing back down to $200. I also am intending to make a picture or two of her and will release that sometime soon. The deadline is still some time away in September (the 17th!).
I also have a poll in which you may vote for what you'd like to see made of the girls before they're sold off. Please vote or even comment what you'd like to see of them!

The Poll:
New SFW Sequence Uploaded on FA Posted 3 months ago
Ey, as promotion for my current line of adoptables I made a 12 panel sequence for the Yowie girl who's up for sale.
Go check it out, they're all uploaded in my scraps on FA: