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No art in general for the next month Posted 11 months ago
I'd have liked to have drawn a Monika for Halloween but my computer is in the worst state imaginable so I can't do much on it. When I get a new one I'll be able to do art and commissions consistently again. Until then I'll just post what remaining sketches I have left to share
Return of Hiatus Posted 1 year ago
Because I'm a ditz and forget to update this, I'll be going on another hiatus since my art hasn't been up to par for what I want to do. Commissions will be closed in the meanwhile until I'm done with Dragon Quest and I feel confident in my art again. I'll be doing more sketches now and then, especially of Monika or maybe even more Sailor Moon

Please wait warmly
Hiatus Complete Posted 1 year ago
Unfortunately my life's been a bit too stressful to focus on my passion projects like I wanted to, but that only motivates me further to use what skills I have to make products you all can enjoy. What I'm meaning to say is commissions are back open for as long as my body doesn't shit itself
Hiatus too Posted 1 year ago
I keep forgetting to update here. Taking another hiatus from commissions since I need to focus on a few more important things right now. I'll pick them back up after a while
Whoops Posted 1 year ago
I got Smash. That's gonna be distracting haha
Just a friendly reminder Posted 1 year ago
I don't care what you do with my art if you commission from me. You can post it anywhere you want. You can show it off to everyone without asking me. You can even submit it to other sites

Just source and link to my page. Those are my only stipulations
Anybody know how to check your watchers? Posted 1 year ago
So should I post individual personal sketches or full compiled images of everything I've done?
The lazy neet is back [Commissions Open] Posted 1 year ago
You heard right. I'm available again. My hiatus was nice but now that I'm totally empty I'm willing to get back to drawing as you've seen from the last couple sketches I've posted. As before I'll take about two or three, so first come first serve
I'd hate to do this [hiatus] Posted 1 year ago
Had me some artistic burn out so it might be a while until I open up commissions again. I have one left to work on and I think a couple more to post so expect those. I'll let ya'll know when I'm up for more next time
Open Commissions Posted 2 years ago
I'll do a b&w sketch your wife for $15. Open to 5 pictures right now. Female Pred+Oral only for right now

DM me or contact me at Just Shawn#0130 on Discord