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The returneth Posted 3 months ago
Heya everyone! It's been a really long time coming, and after year long hiatus I finally managed to get in a more comfortable spot to start making art again and feel up for the challenge to keep making things on here. I won't clog ya'll with the details but much like many people I had a really terrible year and I kinda slumped into the abyss to do some thinking on what needed to be done to feel better.

The good news is I'm feelin better!

Now for the next part is to make more art, upload, and finish some things for people. Expect to see me arround some more! :]
Commishes Posted 1 year ago
You can check my commish tab for commishes or PM me!

I'll probably have one slot open at all time and whenever it's taken people will just have to hang tight and wait till it's open again!

I'll probably open more later when I figure out how to draw things at a more faster pace. ;v;
Commishes! Two slots. Posted 1 year ago
Huzzah, now that I have some time on my hands I'll open up two slots! Send me a PM or drop a message down below if you are intrested!

1. Jadeth -> Sketching!

Cheers! <3
Returneth ((comm's closed!)) Posted 1 year ago
Greetings everyone, it's been awhile.

You're all probably wondering what the heck happened so I owe everyone a small explanation on my personal adventures these last few months. I've had some ups and downs but spend most of my time in therapy and working on my own personal happiness after spending a few months on my own and figuring out where I wanted to be in the future. During that time art didn't really work out the way I wanted it to, school overwhelmed me and I had some other issues that had to get resolved first.

Now that things are a bit more quiet and easy and most of bad feelings have been sorted out I'm doing better again, art is working out and I'm glad everyone was patient enough for me to get back into it. Ya'll are awesome, seriously.

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Commissions! - CLOSED Posted 2 years ago
Greetings everyone!

The time has finally COME. I think. Due to some unfortunate IRL events which I'll keep for myself I'm in desperate need for money and any help is sincerely apreciated! I'll try my best with doing some commissions.

- SORRY for the delay! Should get back to work this week! -

- Commissions! -

I'll open up 5 slots at first, just to see how it goes, and I'll tackle the commishes down one by one and keep people up to date. When I'm done with a commish I'll ask for payment of the next one and then start working!

1.  inthehouse - Completed!
2.  RoyalSerpent - Completed!
3.  tabris - Completed!
4.  SeranaTaluhn - Sketching almost done!
5.  thatonedude236 Sketching...
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