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Possible new folders Posted 2 months ago
Yo, boys. Sorry for the disappearance.
I was just wondering if I should create new folders for my miscellaneous stories and my Jellystone stories. By miscellaneous, I mean the ones without fandoms attached to them. And maybe should I also make an Animal Crossing vore folder?
I don't know if anyone's going to read and respond, but if you see this, I'd like to hear what you think.
Christmas day special Posted 5 months ago
Hey guys.
So I plan on writing multiple Jellystone vore stories for Christmas and intend to release them on Christmas day. Might forget, might release them early, who knows though?
How you see my fanfictions Posted 1 year ago
Ok so I have a sort of announcement to make.
My Loud House stories are in no way meant to be taken as incestuous, it's something I absolutely despise.
On a similar note, my stories are not meant to be take as sexual, or enjoyed for sexual reasons.
I hope you all can understand.