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“That should be everything. Here’s your keys, and enjoy your stay at your perfect vacation home!” The house designer said, as he left the building.

Digby and Isabelle were on holiday and decided to get the Happy Home Paradise company to make them a holiday home. They hadn’t seen each other in a long time, this needing to spend quality time together.


Ankha was walking around town on a freezing winter evening. She wasn’t doing any shopping or going to the club even, she was planning on finding someone to eat. Ankha considered herself a veteran predator (strange sounding out of context, I know) and intended on living up to the legacy she believed she had. After all, there was lots of porn and fetish art of her on websites like Twitter™ or Fu

Digby was sat at his desk at Nook’s Homes. He was doing some late night report filing and other mundane stuff, as Tom had put him and Lottie on the night shift.

He was worried about seeing Lottie tonight, as for the past few weeks she had been acting exceptionally... Awkward? Shall we say? She seemed on the verge of crying every time she was around him, and according to his co-workers, even when she wasn’t. He feared

Reece lived in a nice city in a snowy part of the Pokémon world. I can’t be bothered to name the region, or the city, but just know it was the Pokémon equivalent to Scandinavia, and his city was effectively Iceland. He lived with a team of Pokémon, all of which he loved dearly. He refused to keep them in their pokéballs, as he liked their company too much, and thought it was cruel. He had a Miltank, a Gardevoir, a Lopunny, a Hattrem, a Lilligant and a Mandibuzz.

Fionna was sat in her treehouse, doing nothing particularly interesting one evening. The only thing she was doing, was reading newspapers from before the mushroom war.

“This stuff is a waste of paper; it’s just full of propaganda and other boring crud.” Fionna said to herself, after throwing away the paper.

Cake came downstairs from the bedroom

“And I hereby do decree, that weed and other THC slash CBD products are legalized in Jellystone!” Huckleberry Hound yelled down his microphone.

The crowd at the Jellystone town hall cheered and whistled, as crowds are known to do. With weed finally being legalized in Jellystone, everyone in town flocked to Top Cat’s alley to get their share of marijuana. Top Cat was producing this stuff long before it was legal

Doggie Daddy had recently discovered an entertaining new website thanks to his daughter Augie. TVtropes was it’s name, and he had spent hours upon hours browsing this horrible site. Now, it hadn’t ruined his life just yet, but it would soon be the reason it changed.

Doggie Daddy walked his daughter down the streets of Jellystone on a spring morning. It was hot, but not too hot, sunny and bees were everywhere. The bee

Top Cat and his gang were sat in their alleyway on a winter’s night. They were huddled on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket, in an attempt to stave off the cold.

“T-T-T.C...” Choo Choo wheezed, shivering and fidgeting from the cold. “D-Don’t you think you sh-sh-should’ve invested in a thermostat and whatnot?”

Brain attem

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Yo, boys. Sorry for the disappearance.
I was just wondering if I should create new folders for my miscellaneous stories and my Jellystone stories. By miscellaneous, I mean the ones without fandoms attached to them. And maybe should I also make an Animal Crossing vore folder?
I don't know if anyone's going to read and respond, but if you see this, I'd like to hear what you think.

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Posted by Suneater 4 months ago Report

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No problem~
Absolutely LOVE Adventure Time and vore and smut with it so when I see it here it’s a instant favorite~

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Posted by nico240 10 months ago Report

a question how can i post a story

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Yw! I find your art neat.


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You're sweet - it's no problem ;)

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