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Mini hiatus notice! Posted 1 month ago
Okay, hiatus might be a strong word, I'm just taking a little time off from the upload schedule for the holidays.

There's won't be a normal upload tomorrow nor Tuesday, but I WILL upload the poll winner on either the 24th or the 25th.

Happy Holidays folks!
Itty Bitty Update Posted 11 months ago
Nothing major or serious, feel free to ignore.

Just went and removed a handful of pieces for mental health reasons. I know and respect that some of those ideas were some of peoples' favorites, and I feel the same. I may remake the concepts in more favorable forms in the future.
Transfer of Power Posted 1 year ago
Welp, today's the day. The transition to SubscribeStar is 100% complete. The Patreon page was suspended several days ago, so following any links to it will just take you to a defunct profile. I've already begun putting links in the descriptions of my artwork to SubscribeStar, but I'm not going to go back and update all of the previously made links, because that would just take forever to do.

The platform should run the same. Actually, it should probably run better, because I'll be able to actually post and upload images to my profile again if I so choose. Back on Patreon when I found out that they took some strange issue with vore content, I removed all of the image posts from there to buy myself some more time there. It's finally caught up to me, but I'm ready to move on. ...
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Bye bye, Patreon Posted 1 year ago
Welp, it finally happened. The horror stories about Patreon coming down and threatening suspension on giantess and vore artists have finally caught up to me and hit my page as well. Truth be told, I've been anticipating this for a year or two now, but never felt compelled to take action until I got the warning myself.

Truth be told I'd love to dispute the claim, and I've done my best, but that only boils down to me replying to the e-mail I got, because my bloody log-in doesn't work on Patreon's support portal. And frankly, I don't really care anyway, because even if I succeeded in the appeal, odds are it's just going to happen again sometime down the line. I'd rather take a financial hit and know I'm secure by switching to SubscribeStar rather than living with the anxiety of...
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Not Bothering with Much Here Anymore Posted 1 year ago
Okay, that title is probably misleading as heck or might cause some of y'all to panic, so lemme dispel that. I'm not going anywhere or anything like that, I'm moreso just referring to when it comes to commissions.

The past few times I've done commissions, I haven't bothered updating the Eka's Portal information because it's just such a dated system and a complete hassle, and I know that by the time you might see the blog post in your messages, they'll be full.

My commissions are in higher demand than I ever expected, and fill up within minutes. Wrestling with Eka's clunky blog system to make a post, then edit it five minutes later to signify commissions are full just isn't worth the bother since I know most people follow me on the sites I do keep in the loop, such...
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Commissions are CLOSED. Posted 2 years ago
Go check my Commission Sheet and Commission Info for more details! I'll update this blog post if/when they open!
Oh Boy, Here we Go Posted 2 years ago
I've got some pretty chunky updates here, so hold onto your hats. I'm gonna try to keep them short and sweet though, cus I'm kinda bushed XD

First, in regards to my art, I've opened a Gumroad Page! Why? We'll get to that. However, as of right now, I'm selling packs of high resolution, unwatermarked images on the page for cheap! I'm still stocking the shelves, but pretty soon, I'll have everything from mid 2015 onward there!

This was done for two reasons. One, I want to sell comics in the future, so having the storefront established right away is pretty nice. Two, I want to give folks that want to support me a way to do so without having to go through Patreon, as I know a few folks aren't exactly super fond of the platform and its...
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Sketch Comm Stream 09/12/19 Posted 2 years ago

Oh boy, here we go, gonna be attempting to resume Sketch Commission Streams
I should probably update this Posted 2 years ago
Yeah, this blog kind of fell off my radar somehow, so here's a quick rundown in case you don't follow me anywhere else.

Important thing's first: No upload tomorrow. My brother's getting married this weekend so I'm considerably tied up tomorrow evening, sadly.

Summer's sucked. Bar eats most of my time, painfully limits what I can do, really glad I planned ahead and got most of my content for the summer done ahead of time.

Commissions will be opening sometime in October or November, most likely. Need to iron out a new sheet, a few pricing points for things, and all that good nonsense. That'll also hopefully be when I'm moved out by, so I can dedicate all of my time to this stuff. Fingers crossed.

Other than that, things are just slowly...
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Sketch Comm Stream 05/11/19 Posted 2 years ago
Last sketch stream for a considerable amount of time.