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Commissions are CLOSED. Posted 3 months ago
Go check my Commission Sheet and Commission Info for more details! I'll update this blog post if/when they open!
Oh Boy, Here we Go Posted 6 months ago
I've got some pretty chunky updates here, so hold onto your hats. I'm gonna try to keep them short and sweet though, cus I'm kinda bushed XD

First, in regards to my art, I've opened a Gumroad Page! Why? We'll get to that. However, as of right now, I'm selling packs of high resolution, unwatermarked images on the page for cheap! I'm still stocking the shelves, but pretty soon, I'll have everything from mid 2015 onward there!


This was done for two reasons. One, I want to sell comics in the future, so having the storefront established right away is pretty nice. Two, I want to give folks that want to support me a way to do so without having to go through Patreon, as I know a few folks aren't exactly super fond of the platform and its...
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Sketch Comm Stream 09/12/19 Posted 6 months ago

Oh boy, here we go, gonna be attempting to resume Sketch Commission Streams
I should probably update this Posted 7 months ago
Yeah, this blog kind of fell off my radar somehow, so here's a quick rundown in case you don't follow me anywhere else.

Important thing's first: No upload tomorrow. My brother's getting married this weekend so I'm considerably tied up tomorrow evening, sadly.

Summer's sucked. Bar eats most of my time, painfully limits what I can do, really glad I planned ahead and got most of my content for the summer done ahead of time.

Commissions will be opening sometime in October or November, most likely. Need to iron out a new sheet, a few pricing points for things, and all that good nonsense. That'll also hopefully be when I'm moved out by, so I can dedicate all of my time to this stuff. Fingers crossed.

Other than that, things are just slowly...
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Sketch Comm Stream 05/11/19 Posted 10 months ago
Last sketch stream for a considerable amount of time.

Sketch Comm Stream 05/04/19 Posted 11 months ago

More sketch comms
Summer Approaches (Pretty Important Update) Posted 11 months ago
And with it, a handful of updates and changes.

First and foremost, commissions. I've finally worked the queue down to the single digits, so if you emailed me around November 6th-9th about a commission, I'm hoping to get to you within the next week or so. That being said, it's going to be a little while before I open commissions again, even once the queue is done.

I'm hoping that I can get through the remaining commissions before May 15th. It's wishful thinking, but that's when things are going to probably go back to the summer schedule around here, and my 10AM-5PM or 6PM will be pretty much lost to the family business most days a week. That's likely when I'm going to also make preparations to go back to one post per week, as opposed to the current two, so that I...
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Sketch Comm Stream 04/27/19 Posted 11 months ago
Sketch Comm Stream 04/13/19 Posted 11 months ago
Sketch Comm Stream 03/29/19 Posted 1 year ago

At this point I'm just gonna do these on whatever day of the weekend they suit me.