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Just noticed something Posted 4 months ago
So, looking through my tags the other night when I saw something strange to me, and mostly me. I am now the only one working on any Cindy Aurum or Cora Harper stuff. A few other Cindy stuff has been done for sure, not much, but I am the only one who has a Cora Harper tag. I know ME:A wasn't popular or anything like that but for there to be nobody else doing Cora stuff?!?! Eh, don't get me wrong, I don't think myself special or unique, just found it odd is all.
Update, I guess Posted 5 months ago
Been in a rut as of late. Haven't been working on too many of my stories for any site I post on. So...yeah. I'll post what I have at some point but don't expect too much like before.

Hope you guys/gals enjoy what I put out still. Peace.
Bowsette and other update Posted 1 year ago
So yeah...pumping out more stuff than I said I was. Mood to work on stuff hit and then Bowsette popped up and just can't stop

That being said. May slow down? Maybe??? But Bowsette will defiantly become a more written story.

Umm...AoT will be worked on more once I get it worked out in my head. Not sure about the FF Cindy stuff, planed to get that wrapped up soon. 21 stuff will have the 'main story' wrapped in a few more parts and then the Vore-Verise will keep going. ME should get picked up again soon, no promise.

As for requests...still not feeling them right now. Sorry.
Question Posted 1 year ago
How are y'all doing?
Attack on Spaming Titan stuff Posted 1 year ago
Yeah I know I have been putting AoT stuff a lot. Just so y'all know I know that. I am making a story line up till when Season 1 ended. From there I am not sure what to do. So for those who may be annoyed to see AoT coming out fast, deal with it and just wait because I am working other items as well. I think only a dew more AoT stories for now until I begin reading the Manga and get past Season 2 story lines. Please be patient
Plains...kinda Posted 2 years ago
So I see that nobody seems to like my Cindy Aurum stories any more. :( I will be still putting them out but it still sucks.

Mass Effect Cora will be coming again soon, no real ETA.

Tali maybe finished, not sure yet because not sure if I like where I sent it...

Android 21 stuff will be coming out. Got to her Story Arc in DBF and actually getting more info on her than the Wiki.

Yeah...and Date will still be getting his stuff.

Not sure if too much else is happening but hey. The future is yet to come.
Dragon Ball FighterZ Posted 2 years ago
Got the game and just met Android 21 and HOLY SHIT!! They literally made her a Vore Goddess! Just about every line after her True Form is shown is about eating someone. While I am no expert on Dragon Ball, I do know that she isn't the first one. Cell and Buu are the same, but on a smaller scale I believe.

Cell with his Tail Vore and Buu turning beings into cookies but don't think they ever talked about eating people all the time.

Does that mean the people who work on DB are big time into Vore?
Upadte Posted 2 years ago
Ok, so y'all noticed that I had started to post pics that I edited. Now you see that they are gone. Well that is do to the fact that I fucked up. I was contacted by Eka that Photoshop pics are not to be posted here.

So in effort to keep them coming but to follow site rules, I will be posting them to my Deviant Art site under The-Lewd-D. https://the-lewd-d.deviantart.com/ If y'all still want to see them, visit there and you can see them. Won't be updated daily but they will be there.
Break Time Posted 2 years ago
Ok, so with the sudden influx of ppl asking my about request, it is clear that NOBODY is reading the Commissions tab. So here is the short and simple.

I AM NOT DOING REQUEST'S RIGHT NOW! Only Date Masamune has requests going up because they were put in sometime ago. Any new ones, I will inform y'all when I am ready to start up again.
Update Posted 2 years ago
Ok, I thank you guys/gals for the still growing number of watchers for my dumb shit I write. I will try to keep it up the best I can and hopefully y'all will still enjoy them. There are some many things going on right now that getting ideas and writing are hard at the moment.

To Date Masamune ( https://aryion.com/g4/user/Date%20Masamune ), my longest Requester, sorry for the delays in your latest requests. I haven't forgotten about them but life sucks at times as we all know. I will try to get those out soon.

Up coming ideas for future stories. Fable 2 Female Hero. The Jedi of Lust Tales being wrapped up/Other Side Stories and Epilogue. Mass Effect: Tali Vore and...
[ Continued ... ]