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“So, how much do you eat?” Lopop asked the Majin Hybrid, Android 21. “I really only had those annoying bastards who try to have me.”21 tilted her head. “Why? If you love to eat as much as you say, then why not just eat?”“Simple.” She stood and showed off her belly. “I don’t want to have too much here.”21 smiled and poked. “Not too bad yet.” Lopop puffed steam as 21 giggled. “Honestly, you’ve been here too long. Some ‘muffin top’ isn’t a bad

Some time after Majin Buu was defeated by Goku, some others from the Majin race began to explore the galaxy. Though it wasn’t a friendly experience for any of them. Many returned to their home world. Only those whose skin was thick enough stayed and made new homes. Lopop was one of those who stayed, and she made Earth her home. She had hoped to learn how to fight from Goku. The problem was that she couldn’t find him.She huffed as she sat at some café drinking her sweet tea. ‘W

Kefla licked her lips as she looked down upon the city she was about to Vore. “So many people here. This will be a grand feast.” She waited for a good time and pounced on the first of her meals.Beerus and Whis could only watch in horror as the people ran for cover but were unable to hide from the ever growing belly of the Alpha predator. “How can we stop her Whis?” Beerus softly asked. “We can’t let this go on. There has to be a way.”Whis was thinking on that. “Well, there is

21’s life was back to normal. All those she had Vored were ‘reborn’ and returned to their homes as her spies. Kara, aka Power Girl, had gotten too close to Ben so the reborn Annie Leonhart had taken care of her by making Kara a skinsuit before 21 reanimated her to be another spy. Ben was back to work as a food truck cook with Annie while 21 was thinking about her next moves.-Ben was reading the paper as Annie was sitting, eating her food. “So, what is new?”He breathed out.

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JustAnotherGuy's Blog - Konosuba/update Posted 4 months ago

Just watched all of the Konosuba show! Funny as all hell. Thinking about reading the LN, maybe the manga. But for a few frames in the movie, Sylvia has a nice round belly while sucking in air for a fire breath. Hot. Plus, the idea of being able to merge with what she wants...yeah. Could do without the idea of her being a futa (IMO only) but she is hot and awesome. Maybe I'll work on a story with her voreing the cast...but I have been so drained from work and the whole situation going on with COVID-19...I can't even focus on playing games. Ugh...not like I am working hard at work but it is so draining now these days that I can't focus on ideas.

Anyway, stay safe and healthy.

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Posted by Granddragalia 7 months ago Report

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Good, thanks for asking!


Posted by DeathStar66 8 months ago Report

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Awesome, take your time bro. I know it’s gonna be amazing


Posted by DeathStar66 8 months ago Report

Hey buddy, When comes the next Kefla story. I can’t wait


Posted by darkflame8 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch


Posted by Shrapnel333 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by epiquack 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch, JustAnotherGuy!


Posted by PuritySpring 3 years ago Report

where can one find the thumbnail pictures for your stories?


Posted by Davyjones 3 years ago Report

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No prob. It was a nice read for your first story.


Posted by Malezor 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by Shryland 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the Watch :D

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