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My Avatar/RP Character Bio Posted 2 years ago
Name: Jack Samwise Praedam
Age: 25
Species: Micro-human/Borrower
Height: 1 inch

Jack has brown hair and blue eyes, he is Caucasian and tends to wear a t-shirt, cargo pants, and sneakers. Being born a micro, the world is pretty tough so he's rather thin. His hobbies include crafting the objects necessary for his survival in a giant world after he left the micro/borrower city he was born in. Unlike most borrowers he has a set of strange abilities though. His body is capable of taking large amounts of abuse, and while he still feels an appropriate amount of pain, he's capable of surviving almost any injury; he can also survive with little to no air, allowing him to survive the entire trip through a predator; finally, these abilities also protect his clothing,...
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Greetings Posted 3 years ago
Hello everybody, I'm JustSomePrey or JSP for short. As you can tell, I created this account a year ago. As I have on my front page, I'm a straight, male human of twenty four years of age. I may or may not write vore stories, I'm not that good an author, so who knows. If you need a prey in an RP, well, like the name implies, I'm a prey. PM me if you want me to join, and it would probably be good to tell me where to go, considering, that I'm not very savvy with this site. One note though, I don't do male preds, only female preds and no futa. As for vore itself, I'm okay with all but CV and HV. I prefer vore that is non-fatal. Pred age is somewhat important to me, for obvious reasons I would really prefer not to be on the insides of a wrinkled old lady, so basically let's say I'm fine with...
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