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What should I make next? Posted 11 months ago
So I have a few ideas down pat. They range from kinda done to not even started. What do you guys think I should work on next?

1: Black Hole Blake: Over-Exaggeration
Blake feels extra hungry and vores the world. And then the rest of the universe.

2: More Than Movie Magic: Double-Checking
The couple decides to explore their shared kink further. They eat each other at thw same time.

3: Unnamed slimegirl story
No name yet, but it'll be about a slimegirl getting slurped through a straw.
Update on the story. Posted 1 year ago
So it's been almost a month. I almost forgot about the sequel I had promised until recently. Since yesterday I've actually made progress on it. Just wanted to let you know it's still going to be a thing. Expect it by... The end of the week at the latest.

I also might make more stories at some point. I have a couple ideas floating around in my head. No guarantees though.
I made my first story! Posted 1 year ago
So, some of you may have seen me around. I've commented on a few forums, but mainly I stick to the actual website. I haven't really done anything to contribute... Well, until now. Because I felt inspired enough today to actually make a story! Here it is down below.

This will eventually move to the other part of Eka's Portal -- you know, the one that's not forums -- but until Mr. Eka (Mrs?) accepts my request to open an album, it'll be here. Enjoy!

Oh, and it's based off of Garon's art "cock vacuum" (https://aryion.com/g4/view/427176) and Mauve's story "My Wife's Gift to Me" (https://aryion.com/g4/view/325727).

But I digress. Here's the story.

More Than Movie...
[ Continued ... ]