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"Have you ever wondered what it was like to be sucked through a straw?"
Gloria sat at an outside table with her best friend, Berri, both enjoying some ice-cold sweets on a hot summer's day. Gloria was tall compared to most women (and men too) at 6'1, had a decent tan, and a fittingly glorious set of curves. She often caught men staring at her ample poster and her DD-cup breasts as they passed by, even if they had a girl of their own. Her black hair was tied back into a ponytail with bangs, frami

To say that Blake was hungry would be an understatement.
For some reason, Blake had woken up this morning feeling famished. He had told Aria about it, whom gladly let him eat her, but even after that he was still starving. So he had gone out hunting for Prey; which, for him, was anyone he saw. Even after a solid 50 people, though, he was just as hungry as before. He hadn't felt this way since that night at Prom. He swore he could eat a building...
That thought made him stop for a moment. He turn

Kaleb and Aria sat on their bed, an awkward silence filling the room. It was the morning after the incident; after escaping and taking a quick shower, Kaleb had helped Aria out of herself as well. She had also taken a shower afterwards.
It's occurred to me that I never described what they look like, so I might as well do so while nothing else is happening. Kaleb has dark brown, almost black hair and brown eyes, nothing too special. He also wore a pair of black glasses (the only thing he was wear

Cole had been a friend of Blake's for a long time, since middle school. He had deep blue eyes, and fittingly coal-black hair. He was the kind of guy to pull pranks and tell jokes. His power fit into that personality well, since on his 18th birthday he grew cat ears and a tail. He was a Pred, just a Tier 1 though. As he got older, his jokes slowly transitioned to those of the sexual variety. There was also the fact that he was gay. Not just gay for anyone, mind you (though he did tease a lot of g

Blake and Lily lay in bed together, both fast asleep. Blake was on his side facing Lily, but Lily was facing the other way. Normally she would be cuddled up next to Blake, her snake half wrapped around him for warmth. However, this was a few days after the Prom, and though Lily was proud for Blake and his new power, she was more upset at him for ruining her favorite dress when he ate her. So, instead of the top of Lily, Blake would have to make do with cuddling her tail. It wasn't as soft as her

Prom night. For most students, it was the craziest part of high school. Vorgies went rampant this time of year, especially since most students had gotten their vore powers earlier that year.
Unfortunately, Blake was a late bloomer. His power hadn't surfaced yet, and he was nearly 19. Even his girlfriend had her power by now, which was a little embarrassing.
Oh, right, his girlfriend. Her name was Lily, and she had become a Tier 2 Pred. Her power gifted her the bottom half of a snake, making her

This story takes place in a world where vore is commonplace, and special powers come naturally.
It wouldn't be a surprise to see someone get devoured on your way to work, or even at work. Vore happened so often, in fact, that the invention of the Reformer was practically required so the population wouldn't spread itself too thin.
Not only that, everyone has a special power. It's never available right away, though; usually it happens at 18. It's almost always vore-related. For example, someone mi

A rustle could be heard throughout the forest as a young man, dressed in typical explorer clothes, made his way through the woods. He was well-built, but not super muscular. Despite his huge backpack, complete with sleeping bag and lantern, he kept a good pace.
He was looking for something. There were rumors that, in the forest, there was a fairy that seemed very territorial. Annyone who went deep enough into the forest would either come back running or not come back at all. They would describe

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So I have a few ideas down pat. They range from kinda done to not even started. What do you guys think I should work on next?

1: Black Hole Blake: Over-Exaggeration
Blake feels extra hungry and vores the world. And then the rest of the universe.

2: More Than Movie Magic: Double-Checking
The couple decides to explore their shared kink further. They eat each other at thw same time.

3: Unnamed slimegirl story
No name yet, but it'll be about a slimegirl getting slurped through a straw.

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