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Elsa’s Stinky Sex Dungeon
Inside of the dungeon of Arendelle's castle was an even more secret place. It was known only to a select few and inside was Queen Elsa's sex dungeon. A place full of sex toys and other objects and men she found cute enough to lock up and store. Currently strapped to the wall was Hans. He was going to be Elsa's fiance but one day he drank something and the next thing Hans knew he was strapped completely naked to a wall. Hans had no idea how long it's been but p

Anna’s Extreme Solution
Living in Oslo was Anna and Elsa who lived lavishly in their stylish apartment. On the purple couch was Elsa wearing a light blue shirt that was curled up under her breasts and blue booty shorts. She was laying on her front side on her phone with her ass sticking up in the air. On the purple chair next to her was Anna wearing a green sweater and blue pants and was reading a book.
Elsa ripped a huge fart and giggled while Anna look

Rapunzel’s Smelly Problem
Morning dawned in the tower Rapunzel stayed in. The beautiful skinny blonde slept peacefully in her bed until something awoke her.
Rapunzel lazily woke up stirring in her bed as another disgusting fart exited her bowels. Rapunzel fully woke up and sniffed the air which made her face cringe. Rapunzel had never smelled anything so rancid before and lifted her blanket where the farts were being trapped in and all of the gas blasted

In the dead of the night the stars shone brightly and at the castle of Arendelle, a particular event took place. In the bedroom of Queen Elsa, in bed Anna was spooning Elsa. Her crotch up against Elsa's round booty, her arm hugging her and her head just a bit above Elsa's. It was cold that night so snuggling and a blanket were needed for them to stay nice and toasty. Elsa though was having a weird experience. She stirred a little and sweat came from her forehead.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah~&qu

"May I talk to you please? Alone?" asked Elsa.
"Fine. Wait here, Hans." said Anna to her new Fiance.
Anna wasn't sure why Elsa was being so secretive. Elsa led Anna to a private and opened the door and then shut it and locked it.
"Okay Elsa what is-?"
Anna was quickly cut off when the force of Elsa's entire body tackled her to the ground. Anna hit the ground with a thud and tried to get back up but it was difficult.

Iden Versio the curvy tan skinned special ops imperial has made her way onto an enemy rebel ship. Iden is currently squished inside of the vent system as she looks at the small hologram of her target Mon Mothma, a senator and rebel leader. Iden's mission is to take Mon out without being caught and Iden had the perfect strategy. Iden slowly made her way through the vents cursing at Princess Leia who just ass fat now which was making it difficult to get through it. Iden heard a faint snore and smi

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