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Hi! I'm ninth, a long-time lurker who decided to start contributing in 2020.

Vore is fun! I mainly write about people or things entering or exiting impossible spaces.

Thank you for the faves and watches and please let me know if you have any ideas for me to write about.

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Training Weight – (c) ninth – “Hoo! Haaa! Hoo! Haaaaa!”“Go Courtney! Go Courtney!”Elliot glanced up from his phone and over at the two women clustered around the chin-up bar. They were cheering on a third very fit-looking brown-haired woman hauling herself up and down in an almost frenzied circular pattern. That woman? His best friend Courtney, accompanied by her friends Opal and Emma, respectively blonde and black-haired. A heavy-looking vest was slung over C

Football - Part Three - (c) ninth - Things were cooler for a bit after that night. Whether that was because she was worried about me and wanted to keep her distance or merely making her personal boundaries clear, I couldn’t really tell. But I respected it either way. I mean, I was kinda embarrassed about my behavior too, now that I'd had some time to think back on it... I’d had a few drinks, so maybe I did get a little carried away... but who wouldn’t, in my shoes, right? Right?Anyway. As

Luck of the Victor – (c) ninth – “You’re taking us to a casino?”Victoria, or, Vicky as her friends called her, complained loudly as she walked down the street with her best friend Lucy. It was late in the evening and the downtown was bustling, but as Vicky glared around at the lights all she could see were rich people carelessly spending their money. It felt like an affront, a personal attack, even though they were total strangers. How could they have so much when s

Tummy Trouble – Part Two – (c) ninth – I stared at my reflection in the mirror for a long moment, listening to the soft giggles of the two clones in the other room whispering to each other, then shook my head and finished brushing my teeth. After I spat into the sink I reached over for my phone and opened the company chat app with a quick swipe and tap. So far my ‘AFK’ status message had gone unacknowledged. Seemed the rest of the team hadn’t fully gathered to

Free Parking - (c) ninth - Faint flickers of blue-white light outlined the silhouette of Alex’s head on the wall above the headboard behind him. Only his thumb moved, scrolling across the screen, switching from news feeds to meme boards with bored, practiced ease.He paused on the home screen for a few moments, then decided to tap on a dating app. One that began with a T. His thumb continued scrolling, shuffling past a seemingly endless queue of smiling female faces until they all turned in

The Squad – (c) ninth – Erica shivered and shouldered her pack as she stepped out into the rain. Waving a quick goodbye to her ride, she kept her head down and strode quickly across to the covered entrance of the gym. She was there to meet the rest of her teammates for a final practice session before traveling to their regional qualifiers next week. They were the Blue Vixens, their university’s cheer-leading squad, with high hopes to become the top stunt cheerleaders in the reg

Breast Friends – (c) ninth – “Alright, can anyone tell me what this is?” The professor’s bored voice droned out the question as he tapped at the chalkboard with a dusty finger. The rest of the class looked on with similarly bored expressions except for one bright-eyed and blonde-haired individual.“The fundamental theorem of calculus! As h goes to infinity, the slope of the tangent is the derivative of the function!” The professor stared at her for a moment. “Very good

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ninth's Blog - February + bonus Posted 2 months ago

What's with these late monthly posts...

Big thank you to supporters and new watchers! Here are some updates!

* Alt Commission #3 - POSTED
* Football Part 3 - POSTED
* Tunnel Plug - In Progress
* The Steam Room Incident part 4 - In Progress
* Bad Roommate(?) - Planning

As mentioned in 2022 I will be posting snippets. Alternate scenes, cut content, etc. Here's February's snip, enjoy!!

### Snip #2 - Football part 2 Alternate Ending

I paused for a moment to think. "What about my arm?" I lifted my elbow.

She eyed it then looked back at me with her eyes narrowed. "Just the arm."

My grin came back as she turned around again. I went right for it with one hand,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Snekpizza 1 month ago Report

Very lovely, what's the tunnel plug?


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Thank you for the watch!!


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Looking forward to more amusing content!


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Heh, after well over ten years on there I finally earned enough points to 'buy' myself a basic membership last year. Pretty much the only way is worthwhile anymore. The 'Free' stuff is just annoying with the delays etc. :(


Posted by Gimlet 1 year ago Report

Same Ninth as on If so, then welcome! Long time no see. Definitely like what I've seen so far.

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