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Hi! I'm ninth.

Vore is fun! I mainly write about people or things entering or exiting impossible spaces.

Thank you for the faves and watches and please let me know if you have any ideas for me to write about.

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“Huff.” She said, interrupting my reading, and crossed her arms.I glanced over at her then back at my book. “Did you literally just say ‘huff’ at me?” I asked.She sighed and rolled her eyes. “I had a shower.” She gestured.I looked at her again. We were both sitting on the couch and chilling like we normally did when we didn't have any other plans. Then I noticed her hair was done up in a towel.Oops, I wasn’t paying attention. “Ok, did you have a nice shower?” I

The next day found me back in class and thoroughly bored. I stared out the window and daydreamed, idly wondering how soon I could see her again.Checked the clock on the wall. Still mid morning. Ughh, I mentally groaned. My phone buzzed and I fumbled it out of my pocket to see a notification from an unknown number."oh hey" said the message."Who is this?" I tapped back.The next message was an emoji of a football, a peach, then a winky face with the tongue sticking out. I frowned. "How'd you get my

This story begins with football.Extra-curricular co-ed touch football, to be clear. I signed up to play on a whim and by chance landed on a team with a smoking hot girl. She hailed from a different dorm and somehow we hit it off right away. I never thought I'd be attracted to a short girl, but her sunny personality and off-the-wall sense of humour immediately snagged my interest. The fact that she had to stand on tiptoe for the top of her head to reach my armpit didn't bother me one bit.Even tho

This document details an archaeological expedition made in 2007 following rumours of unexplored Mayan ruins somewhere in the South Yucatan region. Exact location unknown. The expedition appears to have been a failure though other interesting details emerged in the extra notes that were attached to the original package, which was quite damaged.The expedition was financed by an American University, name omitted, but the team had a few other multinationalists on it. The members were a woman named M

I.The carnival appeared one day without fanfare on the outskirts of town. By chance, my wife Elanor and I encountered a garishly coloured poster for it tacked to the bulletin board rather conspicuously in the lobby of our shared condominium. She’d been on the lookout; our town didn’t have much of anything in the way of amusement parks. We decided to go check it out.It had that run-down yet carefully maintained look of a traveling fair. There were the telltale signs of wear and tear f

The thief hung from the ceiling like a spider. The skin-tight black body suit hugged her curves and blended into the shadows. Below, her target lay half-shadowed in the unlit laboratory. After spending the last few hours painstakingly crawling through constricted access panels and ventilation shafts and carefully disabling alarms it was a relief to back out in the open. She rolled her shoulders a little, releasing a bit of the tension that had built up there. Almost no one was in the building ap

Katelyn pads quietly across the warm tile floor of the women’s locker room. She turns the corner into the showers and pauses for a moment to appreciate the quiet. The shower room is tastefully decorated with pink and pearl patterns that gleam in the soft lighting. Shower heads line the walls and she can hear the distant echo of her team mates talking in the pool area.It’s early, before her morning Varsity swim team practice, and way before the pool opens to the public. The door to the steam

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ninth's Blog - February Posted 11 days ago

Bi-weekly status updates? How about every month...?

Thank you to all new watchers and to those who favorite... as always, comments are always appreciated.

It's (still) busy at work. This next month should still be busy. We'll see how it goes once we hit March, eh? Thank you for your patience.

Queue update!

* "The Source" is at a solid 80%, I've been rewriting it and that's about halfway done. Only have the other 80% left to go...
* "Lazy Sunday" is still in progress at 75%, more content but still no ending
* "The Itch" in the middle of a rework
* Minor edits and updates to other stories

I'm working on organizing my notes and "snippets" since I have a bit of a mess...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Gimlet 4 months ago Report

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Heh, after well over ten years on there I finally earned enough points to 'buy' myself a basic membership last year. Pretty much the only way is worthwhile anymore. The 'Free' stuff is just annoying with the delays etc. :(


Posted by Gimlet 5 months ago Report

Same Ninth as on If so, then welcome! Long time no see. Definitely like what I've seen so far.

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