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Hey Hey I finally did it!!! Posted 2 weeks ago
I gave up my soul and made a twitter account!!! Follow or don't follow, idk I'm sure I'll attract some nice friendly and not people who want to hurt me right right?!?!?
Commissions Open!! Posted 3 weeks ago
Before you decide to make a comm, please be sure to read this.

If you are younger than 18, please don't ask a commission from me. Please be sure to message me your idea by DM'ing me, and if I'm interested, I'll give you my discord. From there I'll show my PayPal. Please realize that I'd like advanced pay please, and if you say that you'll give me money later, I won't do the commission. On discord, I'll be sure to show you the process, just to see if I'm doing it right for you.
Favorite Argonian? Posted 7 months ago
Just curious, I'm kinda split between Deeja and Keerava, but leaning more into Keerava. Though I thought it'd be neat to have some of the argonians gals in specific pieces. I'm probably gonna have Deeja and Keerava in vore specific pieces, while Wujeeta and From-Deepest-Fathoms would have more pregnancy related pieces, since I kinda like the idea I did with them. As for shahvee, I was thinking of her maybe making her a pregnant pred, lol.
Question? Posted 8 months ago
Lately I've been doubting my work and I just wanted to ask. Do I do too much cross-hatching and are the colors I pick bland?
So... Posted 9 months ago
I’ve been a bit slow lately, and was having some self doubts about my art, but I got better. Hoping to make and post pieces soon, planning to post one of my characters, though don’t expect much, it’s just doodles of concepts with them. I don’t know why, but I just have feeling to apologize for things here, such as bringing up politics, I just felt heated up about things and I feel like I’ve done wrong. Been also having thoughts of creating a deviantart and Twitter profile, to maybe spread out my work, but I’m not so sure about that. Anyways I hope to get things started soon.
Kong will win Posted 10 months ago
Because he is Monke
REMINDER-Commissions Open Tomorrow Posted 10 months ago
So I’m opening commissions around the afternoon tomorrow at standard pacific time, if anyone is interested.
A Heads Up Reminder. Posted 10 months ago
As I promised, I said I would give a reminder when I would open commissions. I plan to do so on Friday the 8th on a Pacific Standard Time. Also i updated my commission sheet to include comics/sequence, what I might do, and sonic characters. I also added a discount if you ask a commission on one of my characters : 3.
Rumored Elder Scrolls Series on Netflix? Posted 11 months ago
So it rumored that Es is getting a series on Netflix. I hope it’s not terrible, but it take this news with a grain of salt. However, any Argonians and Khajiit reveals, I’m definitely gonna make vore art of them!
So a little update Posted 11 months ago
I’m a little busy with things right now, so it may take awhile to post. I’m currently working on Shavhee, then will do Keerava, for the argonian poll I did. After that, I’m planning on posting three pieces, something sonic related, Christmas related, and a piece that features a character I made(bonus: it will come with a story by someone I did a trade with). After those I plan on opening up trades again, with a few updates. I may open up eight, but we’ll see. I’ll be sure to remind when I’ll open them a week and day before hand. I’m sorry to anyone on eka’s that didn’t get a chance to get one, so I’ll try and leave it open longer, last time I was a bit excited when it came to getting commissions for the first time.