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Bug Fix Ver0.962 Posted 6 years ago
Fixed the bugs in the game
Esthe Hunter + new battle system! Posted 6 years ago
An update to the game and a new battle system to boot!
Get it here
Esthe Hunter Update Posted 6 years ago
Hey, I know it's been a while, but here's an update to my Game Esthe Hunter if anyone is interested.

WARNING: DO NOT USE PREVIOUS VERSION SAVE DATA. Using previous version save data WILL cause the game to function incorrectly. You will have to start a new game.

-Secret Squirel added ( A rat located in the Tsunado woods who will reveal secrets at random for a price)

-Talu Ashiatsu added (Part of the final mission)

-Good ending added (If you can make it to the end with enough money)
-Gag ending added (If you can make it to the end with NOT enough money but fulfill the requirement. Because of testing purposes, that requirement cannot be revealed now)
-Normal ending added (Even if you beat the game, you...
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Etshe Hunter demo Posted 7 years ago
Hey folks, I'm Kuro Waza.

I've made a game using RPG maker Vx Ace called Esthe Hunter. I'm still learning how to create games so don't expect something super flashy now. The true reason why I'm doing this project is to test my abilites as a creator of sorts. Which is why this game is free to play!

Basically the game is about a geek girl named Chie, who gets tricked into doing the bidding of an elven witch named Pecil. Pecil has assigned chie to capture monsters through out the land so that she can turn them into spa treatments. ...without becoming a meal for them of course.

This game's perils include: Slime vore, cocooning, mud/quicksand, mud girl absorbtion, plant vore, goo ghost, tar, and tar slugs.
avalable spa treatments in the game include,...
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