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2017 - Should be the year(maybe?) Posted 4 years ago
So, with plenty of recent developments in life, both online and offline, I feel that this year should be stable enough to go forward with bigger plans.

2016 was kind of an empty husk of a year where I barely made progress with stories due to work being incredibly chaotic and a heavy weight on my mind. Hard to be creative when you're constantly worried about nonsense that may happen.

Changing that attitude this year, while I'm certainly not quitting my desk job(especially with how much effort I put into it last year), I'm focusing time back into what I really want to do. While I don't know if I want to involve this account directly, I still want to keep this little corner of internet that I've dug out for myself.

What do I really want to do?
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Outlining plans for 2016 Posted 5 years ago
Just wanted to replace that dreary blog post I had a long while ago.

So, for those of you curious about this small corner of the internet that I've littered with pony stories, know that I still do not intend to stop any time soon. Saying that though, I still want to pursue other hobbies in hopes to broaden my more "artistic" side. My actual job is much more technical, so having this outlet is still fairly necessary for me, as this kink is one of the few things I'm pretty passionate about in utilizing in different storylines, especially with pony(both fortunately and unfortunately).

While I don't want to call out any "resolutions" for the year, here is my more general game plan:

• Continue to produce content at a steady rate. ...
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Apologies to those awaiting pony stories, temporary hold. Posted 6 years ago
Hope this blog finds you fellows in a better mood than I.

Been under a lot of stress at work(hopefully ending soon) and between dealing with early mid-life crisis and other anonymous things, I haven't been one to really be in the mood to write stories of decent quality.

This is more of a formal apology to those who follow me fairly regularly, I hope to resolve these issues soon(late August at soonest).

The key problem is a severe flaw in my personality; I am extremely emotional and with the stress of work and other exterior factors weighing on my sanity, I am easily irritated to the point that I'm just paralyzed with anger and frustration that I don't want to produce content in such a terrible state. I still retain the maturity of being older, but...
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Blog Entry of Another Stranger: Pony Edition Posted 6 years ago
Currently working through some writer's block as I work on my first IRL story request from an interesting fellow. All intentions of posting it here when done, but I sometimes think of where I'm going with these stories.

For those who do not know, I originally started making stories on 4chan, back when I had no concept of storybuilding and such. It was(and still is) something I enjoy, so I've kept at it. Armed with a vocabulary learned from zero book reading and all RPG games, I've been chugging along to continue making content for both the /mlp/ thread and this site. It's been... a year and 2 months since then.

Some things have gotten me thinking though(mostly others' suggestions), specifically posting on FIMFiction, since I'm so deeply engrained in making...
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Appropriate profile pic get! Also, California. Posted 6 years ago
Thanks to this amazing individual, I now have a suitable profile picture, instead of that random Dark Souls 2 picture.


Short Blog, oh also, California is being hit with a massive storm with me in the middle of it, so huzzah...?
Accepting some requests for stories for pony-pony. Posted 7 years ago
Hey guys.

'Tis the season(the closest to a holiday we're going to get) and I'm a bit dry on requests(at least ones I want to write).

So... if you'd like to see some pony-on-pony action, comment on this blog and maybe I'll make it happen... with words!
Formal apologies to readers, trying to get the motivation going Posted 7 years ago
To the readers,

Sorry for the incredibly slow flow of updates as of late, I'd just like to put in a word out there to those who are wondering when I'd be updating again.

I'm experiencing quite a bit of burnout as of late, to the point that its hard to really spin a good story. I have quite a large backlog of requests, and being the picky writer that I am, 90% of them are very... meh... The current one I'm working on(Friendly Competition) was a wonderful suggestion, but still hasn't pulled me out of this rut.

I do intent to finish what I begun, aside from other projects that I have to conclude/real life issues that have to be attended to, but at the moment, stories need to be put on pause.

A few things that have been swimming around my...
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Apologies to long-time followers, thumbs up to new ones. Posted 7 years ago
Hey guys, I'm gonna be a complete tool and just say this: I want to rewrite another old story of mine.

For those of you have followed me for a while, sorry but this will basically be a direct translation into prose, meaning that I won't be changing much of the words(because I think its pretty good as it is). So... no new scenes or anything, but it'll be in prose!

For those of you who have started following my stories when I first started posting on Eka's, look forward to another lengthy Anon adventure in Equestria with weird vore-related shenanigans! It'll be gross/hot!

Once again, thanks for all the Favs/Comments/Follows, I read every comment, and try to respond to any questions/requests any people have, even though I cannot guarantee that I'll...
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Blog/Note: Next chapter of Solitary will be out this week, etc. Posted 7 years ago
Hey guys, just a quick update, though I'm not sure how many read these blogs.

Currently working away on Solitary Confinement, that should be finished this week, optimistically 1 day from this post.

I have also start a couple of more stories, one of them being a one-shot, but I've been having difficulty finishing them, so that will be the focus this week.

Apologies to those who have been patient, I've only made this profile a month ago and I'm already slack in my updates. This will sort itself out soon hopefully due to real life obligations panning out as time goes.
MLP Vore Stories: Future of this profile Posted 7 years ago
Hello readers, would just like to give an update as to this sprouting profile, and what I plan to do.

First of all, thank you so much to those who read my stories. While the view counts do make me smile inside, your comments really do give me much more happiness, especially with how positive the comments/criticism are.

At the moment, I'm reaching a bit of a burnout point, so I will be looking back on old stories(back before I made this profile) and remaster them for the purpose of this community reading it. I'm hoping to look back on how I used to write, and improve myself properly, not to mention, remember how to make an actual, long storyline, instead of these small excerpts that I've been pumping out like fast food.

Either way, this is mostly a...
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