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My Little Pony vore stories! I intend to author many short stories about ponies fitting into various orifices. If that tickles your fancy, then please watch me!

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So, with plenty of recent developments in life, both online and offline, I feel that this year should be stable enough to go forward with bigger plans.

2016 was kind of an empty husk of a year where I barely made progress with stories due to work being incredibly chaotic and a heavy weight on my mind. Hard to be creative when you're constantly worried about nonsense that may happen.

Changing that attitude this year, while I'm certainly not quitting my desk job(especially with how much effort I put into it last year), I'm focusing time back into what I really want to do. While I don't know if I want to involve this account directly, I still want to keep this little corner of internet that I've dug out for myself.

What do I really want to do?
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Posted by sevensix 3 years ago Report

Think you'll vote on


Posted by Zahnrad 4 years ago Report

I've always loved your Flutterbat CV story. Mainly for the CV sections, the idea that they "can" but don't have to be brought back and the way Fluttershy is a somewhat unwilling pred and is able to hide to deeds in plain sight inside herself with the transformation.

Will you ever do any spin-offs/side stories/sequels of it? Perhaps we find out how she got Lyra and Bon Bon or a alternate story where the Mane 6 either fail to capture her, or simply don't know about it and Flutterbat is free to hunt more.


Posted by simalst 5 years ago Report

You're the best. I love, what you are doing and it is totally to my liking. I am referring to your profile description.


Posted by RailNSFW 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To MutualTaco

Ah, i know that story all too well, but glad to hear you're fine. Can't wait to see what you come out with next

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Posted by RailNSFW 5 years ago Report

hey there Taco. Just wondering if everything's alright. Haven't seen you post anything for a while (9 months).

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Posted by Patton 6 years ago Report

heads up, pony vore now goes on /trash/ becasue scruffy's being a dick.


Posted by DoubleOSnake 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! =D


Posted by 149darry 6 years ago Report

Lol. I forgot to watch you


Posted by Plinko 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To MutualTaco

Thank you~


Posted by b300mussolini 7 years ago Report

can you do a story about either PegaSUS's tail vore comics or twilight horn voring RD?


Posted by PegaSUS 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To MutualTaco

Ah, well. I guess we'll just see each others' stuff slightly sooner, then!


Posted by PegaSUS 7 years ago Report

I'm curious why I didn't watch you immediately, haha.

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