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Looking towards the future Posted 1 month ago
I've mentioned this on patreon but I wanted to mention this to everyone. Sometime next year I will be going on a hiatus of sorts, I don't know when nor do I know how long I'll be on hiatus for, could be a few months, could be a year. The thing is, I can feel myself burning out. This year marks the 10th year I've been taking drawing more seriously and I thought I would have improved more by now. That and as I get older I feel the need to approach my own life differently. I want to make sure I'm enjoying doing what I do rather than go through the motions. I can feel the fun slipping away and I don't want that to happen. This hiatus would be from almost all paid work and collabs which I will also be putting on pause when the hiatus happens. I might still do art packs that I've been a part of...
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slots taken (EDIT SLOTS NOW CLOSED) Posted 1 month ago
Slots filled up almost immediately, so I'll get in contact with those of you who got them
commission slots opening back up tomorrow Posted 1 month ago
I will be opening comms again tomorrow, unlike the first batch, it's going to be more of a first come first served kind of thing. There will be 5 slots as well. Now let me make some things clear, I cannot do all comics. so I'm going to restrict that to 2-3 slots (depending on difficulty and if the idea works for me) Also if you're wanting any of my ocs in said commission that's fine but I will have final say of what they can or cannot be in. Make sure that when you give a description to make it clear and be sure to put your username and where I can find you, That part is very important. I will link the form when it's open!
Slots have been chosen Posted 2 months ago
There were a lot of good submissions so it was difficult to whittle it all down. Like I said in the announcement post, don't worry if you didn't get a slot, there will be more opportunities in the near future. The current plan with these comms is to balance them alongside my monthly patreon art schedule. This is also why the slots were so limited. I don't want to burn out just as I open comms. That being said, I will contact you directly if you got a slot and we will go from there.
Commissions reopening tomorrow! Posted 2 months ago
Alright so it's been long enough, I will be reopening commissions tomorrow. Just so you're all aware some of the pricing has changed from what it was the last time I had comms open. When I upload the sheet, you'll be able to see them in detail but while it's not too much more, it's something I wanted to let you all know. Also for this first batch, I will only have 3 slots for this first batch as I'm going to have to balance them with patreon art. After the slots are taken, they will be closed again until they're all completed. Don't worry if you don't get a slot, there will be plenty of chances as I'm going to try to get them done in a timely manner. With this first batch however I'm going to be a bit more picky than the usual first come first served method I normally go with. so if you...
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Bit of an Update Posted 3 months ago
So a few things I wanted to update everyone on as I've gotten some questions and messages regarding these topics on my various galleries.

1. Do I do requests of any kind?

The answer is no, I do not do requests. This has always been the case.

2. Do I have a discord server?

Also no, that's just too much of a hassle for me to manage. I'm not interested in running one either.

3. Are commissions opening soon?

I'm planning on getting back into them this month though there's no set date for that. I'll let everyone know when I'm ready to do them again. I didn't think I'd go this long without reopening but time slipped away from me and I've been so focused on patreon along with some other projects that I haven't had the...
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Questions regarding commissions and other comics Posted 11 months ago
I've gotten quite a few messages on several sites about commissions. So I'm just gonna do a Q/A thing here to answer the main ones I've seen in the different messages so I don't have to repeat myself

1. When are commissions opening?
Right now, regular commissions are still closed and will most likely remain closed for the year. I'm currently busy with other projects that commissions would just eat all my time up from doing those. I don't know when I will reopen them but I will inform everyone on all my galleries when that time comes.

2. Have your commission prices changed?
They have not changed and are the same as before

3. Can I pay in installments?
I would prefer everything upfront, that makes things easier for all parties...
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changes being made to patreon for May Posted 1 year ago
I've decided to change some things up with the tiers in my patreon, I have removed the $10 tier and the $5 tier now has the rewards the $10 tier had. So if you become part of that tier, you can vote on characters for the month as well as the theme. Starting in May, I'll be offering sketch rewards for the $15 tier, now there are some rules for this. Obviously the rules I use for commissions still apply, if I'm not ok with the content I'm not going to draw it. It's limited in availability for right now as I'm trying to see how much I can handle. Also unlike before when I had offered this kind of reward, there will not be any kind of upgrade system in place. If you want a sketch reward colored, you will have to wait for my commissions to reopen. As an extra incentive for this patreon tier,...
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reminder about patreon Posted 1 year ago
Times are tough for everyone right now, I know. This is just to let everyone know that this month's polls are up so if you want to influence what I draw this month or support me there, I would greatly appreciate it.

Going to try promoting it some more as well since I don't know how long things are going to be this way.
Spark Multiverse, changing of art style Posted 1 year ago
if you've been looking through my gallery lately, I've made a new folder which is where Nova related content will be posted. I'm still organizing things but if you just want to see stuff with Nova in it, that'll be the place to look. As for why the main timeline folder is empty, that's because it's where a comic series for Nova would go. It just hasn't been made yet.

On another note, I am trying to improve my own artstyle. You can see this in my more recent pics which have a new way of shading for me. I'm still looking into what feels the most comfortable for me while looking good too so some pics may vary wildly shading wise.