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A Few Things Posted 3 years ago
Firstly, a gigantic thank you to everyone who bought commissions or donated towards my dentist appointment! You guys completely surprised me with how generous you were! My appointments are tomorrow and Friday, and I figure after the weekend, I should be a lot better. Again, I can't really thank you guys enough. :V

Secondly, apparently my family is gonna come visit me this weekend. So probably gonna be busy with them all weekend.

Thirdly, I've got a new project in the works. However, I'm going to be doing the first full test run on my Patreon because well... I really don't do any sort of exclusive stuff for the people on my Patreon. I dunno how long the test run will take, but I imagine it'll go on for a while. If it goes really well, I may attempt a fully public...
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Plans for the week Posted 3 years ago
First off, no ARPG for this next week.

I need to be working on commissions and such this week. I went to the dentist, and my appointment to get my teeth fixed is next friday. I gotta raise quite a bit of money to pay for it though, so I'll be attempting to do commission streams every day until then.

Streams may run slow at times though, as I'm still dealing with the toothache.

As for when I'll be streaming, it'll be anytime I'm awake and have the energy to do so. I'll be streaming here:
Two things Posted 3 years ago
1. The popularity poll is now closed. I'll be posting up results over the next week or two. :V

2. Why is ARPG moving so slow? Because well... to be honest, I think I'm getting burned out on it. I've been doing it for over 2 years, and I feel like I haven't been doing it as great as I could have. Everything is incredibly slow paced, and I feel like it gets boring pretty often.

In the end, I do feel like it's time that I start trying to reach a point where I can actually end it and move on to something else. I'll probably continue to use the characters, cause I do quite enjoy Floria and friends, but I just feel like maybe it's about time I try something different. I may end up switching over to that ARPG RPG Maker project instead, since I feel like I can do a much...
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ARPG Popularity Poll Posted 3 years ago
Link to Poll:

I kinda pulled something in my arm, so probably no ARPG update today. Instead, I decided to set up a simple popularity poll. Been wanting to do this for a little while.

Vote for your favorite character in ARPG! If your favorite isn't listed in the default choices, just add it in the "Other" option at the bottom.

There may or may not be another reason behind this poll. :V

Also, seriously: Don't dupe votes. That just ruins the whole poll for everyone.
More Holiday Delays Posted 3 years ago
There will be no new ARPG posts until January.

Currently spending my time trying to get a demo project done before I leave my apartment for the holidays, and after sleeping on a couch at my parent's house for about 5 nights, I'm probably gonna need a few days to recover.

If I can get this demo project done within the next couple days, I might do a stream before I leave. If not, I will try to do one during the last few days of December.
Holiday Delays Posted 3 years ago
Things are gonna be delayed this weekend due to parents visiting and stuff.

I'll try to get an update up if I have time, but if not, expect things to resume on Monday.

Sorry for all these delays. December is kinda an awful month for productivity. D:
Another Interactive Story Thing Posted 4 years ago
Don't worry, not by me or anything. :V

I just wanted to bring some attention to the VTRPG that SiberMan is doing.

It looks pretty good, so if you like ARPG, you should go check it out. :V

(This has been a half-assed advertisement brought to you by Rayen. :V)
Several Updates Posted 4 years ago
Okay, I'm fully back and ready to give you guys an update.

Though a quick tl;dr: Family problems are (mostly) resolved. I'm gonna be making a lot of changes to how I do things,primarily to Patreon. ARPG will resume tomorrow with an Extra Story update.

What happened?
Okay. Firstly, why I've been gone all week. My dad was in an accident at work. He's mostly fine, though he's gonna be pretty limited to what he can do for a while. The worry was that he would have been injured enough that he wouldn't be able to work. If that happened, I'd probably need to move back home to help them out. He works a pretty dangerous job, and they have good insurance and everything, but still, it was enough that it seriously had me worried. Anyway, it's taken care of for...
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Delay due to issues Posted 4 years ago
Not gonna go into detail.

ARPG isn't going to get any updates for a little while due to some personal (family) issues. I'll probably be back in about a week, but not completely sure.

Sorry about that.
ARPG Updates Delayed (for a bit) Posted 4 years ago
I need to go visit family. Nothing bad or anything, I just haven't actually gone to visit them since uh... Christmas. :V

I really shouldn't put it off any longer. I'll be trying to get a Main Story and Extra Story post prepped so that I can quickly finish them when I get back either late Saturday or Sunday.

Sorry for the delay!