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Ekas Mouseover Preview Extension Posted 11 months ago
So I whipped up a little browser extension the other night just for the sake of convenience, and I figured you guys might get some use out of it too:

All it does is take the little mouseover previews you get on the Latest Updates section of people's user pages, and applies it to the whole site. So now you can mouseover thumbnails in galleries, searches, favourites and so forth and get a full preview of the image. Just makes browsing feel a lot quicker by my reckoning.
Opened up some more slots for commissions Posted 1 year ago
So for any of you interested, I've opened up for commissions again over on
I've had to adjust my prices a smidge since last time, so the current rate is $40 base price, +$25 per additional character, +$25 per character in additional panels.

I am hoping to add a more affordable tier for more rough artwork some point in the future, but I'm not quite happy with the results just yet.
Taking more commissions Posted 1 year ago
Gonna' be taking another batch of commissions over on for any of y'all interested.

$30 base price, +$20 per additional character, +$20 for each character in additional panels