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Girl Next Door Swallows You Whole - F/m custom video Posted 5 months ago
Hi guys!

If you like F/m custom vids, you might enjoy this:

It contains semi-willing oral vore, digestion and disposal.
I commissioned this from GirlOnTop880, and she just crushed it. Especially since it's her first vore video.

It's also free to watch, even though it is hosted on manyvids.
Digested by a sweet Latina teen - F/m custom video Posted 6 months ago
Hi guys!

I just ordered a custom vore video from SophieLatina on manyvids.
She did an awesome job, and I'm doing this shameless advertisement to encourage her to make more :P

Before I get anyone's hopes up, the video isn't free :/

If anyone's interested, here's a summary and link:

Your holiday in Columbia is cut unexpectedly short when a local girl seduces you into her belly.

She brings you back to her place, and you chat for a bit.
She's a nice girl that enjoys getting to know her meal.

But she's hungry, and pretty soon you're sliding down her throat, landing in her hot stomach.
She welcomes you...

[ Continued ... ]