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I wrote the first chapters as part of the original `Catering to Hungry Girls' interactive story (used to be on, but has now disappeared).
All credits go to Revan for the opening chapter, I hope he won't mind me including it here.
Schools ended and summer has started up. You finally have a chance to kick back and relax. Time to spend your days watching movies, chilling at the pool, heading to the

The Boobfish
by Sarus
Today was the great day for Tom. He had prepared everything: he studied the currents, traded stories with fishermen, brought his most trusted pair of swim fins, and even bought a (grossly overpriced) breathleaf. Today he would catch the biggest boobfish - ever.
But what is a boobfish, one might ask? Well it probably has an official, boring and presumably Latin name but the loca

The Fall
By Sarus
It all started in the early years of the 21st century, with the announcement of a revolutionary gene therapy. The man behind the research, Dr Dowell, claimed his treatment made the recipient immune to most known diseases, along with an increased life expectancy of about 50 years.
Of course, the scientific community along with the medias welcomed the publication with a healthy dose

Elves Aren't Green!
By Sarus
Kélian finally managed to shake off his father's guards, there was no way he could enjoy hunting with a group of heavy swordsmen following him around. His father, the Duke of Guer, had much to learn when it came to hunting; those awkward guards would only scare the preys away, and mix up the tracks.
"This forest is dangerous", the old man said "I won't let you go in this cursed place unattended".
"The duke is growing senile", Kélian though, "it's a k

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Posted by JunoTheFox6 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Sarus

Thanks. ^^


Posted by JunoTheFox6 1 year ago Report

Hey, I have Gulp Quest 1.05 Has there been any updates? Sorry for the inconvenience. ^^;


Posted by desertscorched 5 years ago Report

Looking forward to more Gulp Quest, hope the project isnt dead Xp


Posted by autocensor 6 years ago Report

You should get 1.06 done and we can see Neko Catgirl and Christelle again later in the game.


Posted by mohmohmoh 6 years ago Report

gulp quest wonderfull
waiting for 1.06


Posted by Sgalby 6 years ago Report

gulp quest is great please add chap 1.6 XD :D

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