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Yes, I realize it's a different name. It comes from a time when I was a tetch more paranoid...

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Bear settled into her chair on the set, picking up the script they’d
laid out on the table in front ofher. The large, squishy, ‘toon
brown bear picked up the script, flipping through it in her
cell-shaded paws.
see what they’ve got for me today….”
*Scene: A camp
site near a forest. Colored leaves hang on the trees and occasionally
flutter to the ground. *
*A lone tourist,
wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt and a broad straw hat, steps off the
bus with a comically massive

July 8th,
5th Year after the 200 years war.
month, another diary. It sometimes feels like such a hassle to put
all this down, but I would be doing such a disservice to
future theologians if I didn’t.
let’s start with the top. With Daorsa. Me. I’m a massive,
20-foot squirrel-dragon. My luxurious, warm gray fur fades to a
creamy butterscotch color along my underside, and I’ve got a
squirrel-tail comparable for my size. It’s quite handy, when it
comes to binding and trapping pe

The grey-furred rabbit’s body
trembled as he scurried down the slope, heedless of the slipperiness
of fallen leaves. He was here. This was it. Glynn wasn’t sure how
he knew this valley was the place he’d sought. He wasn’t even
sure how he’d found it. His memory of the journey felt so
hazy, so fogged. He’d left his small village, the only one who’d
come of age in the previous half-year, the only one who felt the
call. So he’d started walking…
And then he was here, picking his

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Jahan's Blog - Opening for Commissions! Posted 8 years ago

.. Wow, I've never used this blog. Weird! Anyways: After much deliberation, I have decided to open myself up to story commissions!

*Throws confetti*. So, yes, to any who may be interested, please go take a look at my commission info!


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Posted by pancita 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the watch! I like your art btw :)

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Posted by Rendezvore 7 years ago Report

Thank you very much for the watch!
I had fun reading some of your stories.~~ ;) I like the subtle hints about the state of the spaceship...


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