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Happy Vore Day~ Posted 7 months ago
Hope your day is full of fun and noms! :3c
Incoming lots of pics! Posted 8 months ago
I don't post here all that often so forgive me if you suddenly see a wave of stuff from me.
How's everyone? Posted 10 months ago
What's everyone up to these days? Anything special planned this weekend?
Another year older tomorrooowww Posted 1 year ago
Once again the 16ths of june arrives and I get just a little bit older~
Now excuse me while I go into a Birthday cake coma tomorrow.
Its Time for Spooks! Posted 2 years ago
I hope everyones ready for spooks an skeletons~
Happy Birthday To Meee~ Posted 2 years ago
Yep today is my birthday. I'm hoping to do something fun today or just be super lazy, either way im gonna enjoy my day!
A YCH Project with TheSpazman Posted 2 years ago
So I've been chatting with Spaz a lot and he brought up an idea for a YCH with Misfrost being the main focus. Not to spoil too much but it would contain Nipple Fucking, Breast V, Anal sex, Anal V, Digestion, and Absorption. Were thinking 4 lucky people who bid will be apart of it. If you don't know who TheSpazman is then I'll leave some of his work here.

[ Continued ... ]
Wooo! 2017! Posted 3 years ago
Things to Do: Do 2 sketches a week
Lose weight
Be productive
find a better job
make a longer list
Happy Vore Day Posted 3 years ago
Hope everyone has a FULL-filling day!
A Fox in Space - S01E01 - "Don't Call Me Star Fox" Posted 3 years ago